1998 Response to ’29 Catholic Testimonies’
1998 Irish ‘Evangelicals & Catholics Together’
2000 Open letter to ‘FOCUSFEST’  pdf-25
2000 Open letter to CHARLES COLSON  pdf-25
2000 Letters to and from ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty  pdf-25
2001 Unpublished ‘Belfast Telegraph’ letter  pdf-25
2001 Ecumenical compromise by Scripture Union  pdf-25
2001 Vatican control through civil law
2002 Rome’s Resurgence’   pdf-25
2002 Canadian pastors reject Rome’s ‘Dominus Iesus’  pdf-25
2002 The’ leaven’ in ‘POWER to CHANGE’
2002 The ‘spin doctors of ‘POWER to CHANGE’
2002 POWER to CHANGE’ Ecumenical or not Ecumenical?
2002 The gospel of ‘eternal life’ v ‘The gospel’ of ‘Father’ McCafferty  pdf-25
2004 Christian unity & Rev Allen Sleith  pdf-25
2004 Responses to unity & Rev Sleith  pdf-25
2004 OM’s ‘Doulos’ & The Passion movie
2004 Hidden agendas of CARE & Evangelical Alliance [NI]
2004 Presbyterianism: Then and Now  pdf-25
2004 Presbyterianism & State- Sponsored peace
2005 3 perspectives on ‘Opus Dei  pdf-25
2005 Articles on ‘THE PASSION’ movie
2006 Kingdom Come’ Should you go?
2005 Attacked by a ‘loving ecumenist’
2006 Trevor Morrow – reformed?
2006 Book on ‘Christmas & Easter’
2007 Gospel Truth’ according to ‘Father’ Paul Symonds
2007 Appendix to ‘Father’ Paul Symonds ‘gospel truth’
2007 The NPP and 2 former Presbyterian Moderators  pdf-25
2007 Pope Benedict XVI and Protestantism  pdf-25
2008 Alpha Endorsers
2008 Cardinals want Mary declared ‘co-redemptrix’
2008 Reflecting on Franklin Graham’s ‘Celebration of Hope’  pdf-25
2008 Celebration of Hope’ & HOPE 2008  pdf-25
2008 HOPE 2008’ & their ‘ecumenical-friendly’ Basis of Faith  pdf-25
2008 HOPE 2008’ – Not that “blessed hope” of Titus 2:13
2008 The Rock’ of Christ’s Church: Is it Peter?  pdf-25
2009 Mary Most Holy’ statue: Reversing the Reformation  pdf-25
2009 SAINTS: Chosen by God or selected by the Pope?  pdf-25
2009 Melbourne : A modern-day ‘Tower of Babel’  pdf-25
2010 J I Packer and ‘Mother’ Teresa
2010 Alpha News’ – ‘Delighting the Devil’  pdf-25
2010 ‘The Manhattan Declaration’  pdf-25
2010 A highly recommended book: ‘SATAN’S SEAT’ by Shaun Willcock
2010 Papal Pretensions  pdf-25
2010 Presbyterian Moderator is no Mainstream Evangelical  pdf-25
2010 Calvin and Loyola conference at Maynooth
2011 ‘Does Christ’s sacrifice continue?’  pdf-25
2011 ‘Is Robert Sungenis right on “being Saved”?’  pdf-25
2011 ‘Is The Mass a Propitiatory Sacrifice?’  pdf-25
2011 ‘Is ‘Christ in the Eucharist’? [Part 1]  pdf-25
2011 ‘Is ‘Christ in the Eucharist’? [Part 2]  pdf-25
2011 Maynooth Community Church: Promoting the Jesuit Cause
2012 THE JESUITS: The Secret Army of the Papacy” By Shaun Willcock  
2012 ‘THE EUCHARIST’ debate Rob Zins v Patrick McCafferty  pdf-25
2012 Cecil Debates Jesuit Priest Keith McMillian  
2013 Facebook posts on the election of Pope Francis  pdf-25
2013 ‘The Mass’ deceptions advocated by Peter Williams: (Part 1)  pdf-25
2013 ‘The Mass’ deceptions advocated by Peter Williams: (Part 2)  pdf-25
2013 ‘The Mass’ deceptions advocated by Peter Williams: (Part 3)  pdf-25
2013 ‘The Mass’ deceptions advocated by Peter Williams: (Part 4)  pdf-25
2013 Rev’ Liz Hughes and ‘Elder’ Alf McCreary  pdf-25
2013 Christian Unity & Rev Allen Sleith  pdf-25
2014 KENNETH COPELAND welcomes ‘the blessing’ of POPE FRANCIS  pdf-25
2014 ‘AVE MARIA’ (Plus ‘Mother’ Teresa’s ‘Eucharistic’ and ‘Rosary’ devotion)  pdf-25
2014 PREMIER ‘Christian’ RADIO: Avoid their ‘VOICE OF HOPE’ daily readings  pdf-25
2014 ‘Should Protestants and Roman Catholics Worship Together’?  pdf-25
2014 IRELAND’S – ‘International Fellowship of Evangelical Students’: Is it?  pdf-25
2014 PURGATORY: A tragic travesty of Acts 13  pdf-25
2014 WALSINGHAM: Mariolatry and Idolatry   pdf-25
2014 ‘THE JESUITS’   pdf-25
2015 SALVATION ARMY ‘captured’ by POPE FRANCIS  pdf-25
2015 Catholics Come Home’ : Book Review  pdf-25
2016 POPE FRANCIS and SYNCRETISM – All Roads Leading To God?  pdf-25
2016 CRI : Misleadingly ‘soft’ on Roman Catholicism  pdf-25
2016 Alberto Rivera : A true or false brother?  pdf-25
2016 J I PACKER – ‘Double-Minded’ and ‘Unstable’  pdf-25
2016 Was Mary ‘Immaculately Conceived’?  pdf-25