Back in 1998 when ROB ZINS was my guest here to take part in various meetings that I had arranged for him we were also joined for a few days by a friend of Rob’s called TIM KAUFFMAN. Tim, like Rob, had been raised as a Roman Catholic but he like Rob had been gloriously saved and converted. Tim and Rob had co-operated in the publication of books by Rob under the ‘auspices’ of ‘White Horse Publications’.

During his years as a practising Roman Catholic TIM had been particularly drawn to ‘Marian Devotion’. In 1993 Tim published his own book called ‘Quite Contrary: A Biblical Reconsideration of the Apparitions of Mary’ and on the back cover we read this –

‘In “Quite Contrary” Kauffman details his former devotion to the apparitions of Mary and explains why he abandoned the use of these Marian articles. By considering the teachings and rituals of the many apparitions in the world, Kauffman explores and ultimately rejects their claims in the light of the Bible. “Quite Contrary” is the story of a man who was lost in Marian devotion and then set free by the power of God’s Word. “Quite Contrary” is a Biblical reconsideration of the apparitions of Mary’.

A few years after the publication of his book, TIM KAUFFMAN spoke at a USA conference and told of how, with the help of Warren Smith, (author of the excellent book ’Deceived on Purpose: The New Age Implications of the Purpose Driven Church’) he had come to see a ‘convergence’ between the messages of the Roman Catholic ‘Marian Apparitions’ and those of the New Age ‘Visions of Mary’. Not only was there broad agreement between these ‘revelations’ but increasingly there was evidence that some New Agers could now (in a twisted ‘New Age’ way) identify with the claims made for what supposedly happens during the Roman Catholic ‘Sacrifice of the Mass’. For the last 15 minutes of his talk Tim reveals what Rome claims for her ‘Mass’ and shows how scripture rejects those claims. The following link will take you to hear what Tim had to say on these matters. At times Tim speaks both swiftly and softly and so to catch the full impact and importance of what he said I would thoroughly recommend that you listen several times to his presentation. This is the link to hear his presentation –

I would make just a couple of comments. I was particularly interested to hear around about 11 minutes and then again around about 21.35 minutes Tim’s reference to the teaching of paragraph 460 of the Catholic Catechism. Why was this of particular interest to me? Well, back in December 2002 I addressed the teaching of this paragraph in my newsletter and you can see what I wrote by going to this link –

(Scroll down to ‘Catholic Catechism Corner’ and read the next 2 sections)

The numerous references by supposed ‘visionaries’ to there being a ‘New Pentecost’ was striking. The ‘Unique Pentecost’ that we read about in Acts 2 was a one-off, never to be repeated occurrence because it had been dependent upon the Lord Jesus Christ successfully accomplishing His redemptive mission and then returning in triumph to the glory of Heaven – we learn this from John 7: 39 where we read “But this spoke he (the Lord Jesus Christ) of the Spirit, whom they that believe on him should receive, for the Holy Spirit was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified”. The events of the Day of Pentecost signified that henceforth all true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ would be given the indwelling gift of God’s Holy Spirit at their conversion – Pentecost was the unique confirmation of the return to glory of the triumphant, crucified but risen Christ and so there cannot and indeed need not be any so-called ‘New Pentecost’

In the light of these claimed Roman Catholic ‘Marian Apparitions’ and New Age ‘Visions of Mary’ there is one scripture that comes readily to mind – 

‘Beloved, believe not every spirit but test the spirits whether they are of God:” (1 John 4:1)

The dark spirit forces that seek to subvert Gods’ truth and to peddle their poisonous lies seem to be in complete harmony and agreement, whether they work through Roman Catholic ‘Marian Apparitions’ or through New Age ‘Visions of Mary’. Once again the truth of God’s Word is evident where we read “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

In conclusion let me just direct readers to three other video items related in particular to the Roman Catholic ‘Apparitions of Mary’ –

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Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 25 October 2016