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“Love Wins” by Rob Bell

In recent weeks much of professing Christendom has been buzzing with comments and reviews of Rob Bell’s latest book called ‘Love Wins’. On Premier Christian Radio in the UK Rob Bell has been airing an advert for his book and he is very keen to emphasise that in apparently “only 12 verses” does the Lord Jesus Christ make direct reference to ‘hell’ – the clear inference by Mr Bell is that ‘hell’ obviously does not figure all that highly in God’s thinking if it is “only” mentioned 12 times by His Son.

This is a very deceitful and deceiving line of approach by Rob Bell – consider how many times the Lord mentioned the absolute necessity of being “born again” in order to see or enter “the Kingdom of God” – in John chapter 3 the Lord mentions it directly or indirectly about 5 times – that is a lot less than His 12 references to ‘hell’ so does that mean the need to be “born again” is of even less of a consideration in God’s thinking than the question of ‘hell’?

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Erwin McManus at CFC

Earlier this year [2006] Pastor Gary Gilley was our invited guest to speak at a series of meetings on the subject – ‘Today’s Church is Changing: What On Earth is Emerging?’ During his talk Pastor Gilley looked at what have come to be known as the ‘Purpose Driven’ and ‘Emergent’ Church Movements.

When addressing the topic of the ‘Emerging Church’ he listed a number of ‘churches’ that would be identified with this grouping and one went under the name of ‘Mosaic’ and is pastored by Erwin McManus.

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The ‘Summer Madness’ of an invite to Brian McLaren

This article has turned out to be much longer and a lot more ‘in depth’ than I thought it would be. Nevertheless I believe it is one of urgent and great importance as it highlights the danger posed, particularly to young professing Christians by men who, as you will read, are ‘wresting [twisting, torturing] the scriptures’ [2 Peter 3:16 to the destruction of both themselves and others and are also ‘perverting [transforming into something of an opposite character; totally changing] the gospel of Christ’ [Galatians 1:7].

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‘Strange Bedfellows’ with ‘Evangelical Alliance’

  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and the ‘Global Day of Prayer’:
  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’, Morrris Cerullo
  • Steve Munsey,Benny Hinn and R T Kendall:
  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and ‘The Emerging Church’

On the Evangelical Alliance website there is a section that deals with ‘Relationships Commitment’ and it can be found by following this link –

It tells of discussions between the ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and the ‘British Evangelical Council’ [BEC]. We learn that one of the aims was ‘to provide an up-dated version of the eight “general resolutions” agreed at the 1846 Assembly that launched the Evangelical Alliance’.

Earlier we read in the article ‘we seek to promote good Christian practice, as well as true Christian doctrine’. Later there is a listing of ‘the eight “general resolutions” already mentioned and they are subdivided between ‘Affirmations’ and ‘Actions’.

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Pastor Gary Gilley – DVD

Between 19 March 2006 and 4 April 2006 Pastor Gary Gilley of Southern View Chapel, Springfield, Illinois spoke on 18 occasions in Northern Ireland about the dangers posed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ by movements such as the ‘seeker sensitive’ movement [pioneered and promoted by Bill Hybels of ‘Willow Creek’ and Rick Warren of the ‘Purpose Driven’ movement] and the ‘emerging church’ movement headed up by people like Brian McLaren [USA] and his close friend, Steve Chalke.

Pastor Gilley’s talk was recorded and is now available on DVD. There is an introduction of about 8 minutes by myself [Cecil Andrews] and Pastor Gilley’s talk lasts 45 minutes.

For those in the UK, DVD’s can be ordered by writing to me [enclosing cheque for £8.00 payable to ‘Take Heed’ Publications] at ‘Take Heed’ Publications, PO Box 13, Ballynahinch, BT24 8AL, Northern Ireland.

As an alternative folks in the UK could order by email from me on and could then make the appropriate payment of £8.00 through the secure ‘DONATION’ facility found on our website of

If you live outside the UK and wish to order the DVD please email me in the first instance on so that I can advise you of the total costs, including overseas postage, and also discuss the payment alternatives available to you.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 8 April 2006



As I prepare this article, Belfast is gearing up for yet another conference to promote the evangelistic methodology of the group known in the UK as the ‘Willow Creek Association’. An advert for this conference to be held in the Kings Hall Conference Centre on Monday 10 March 2003 reads as follows –

  • LEE STROBEL (Author of ‘The Case for Christ’)
  • MARK MITTELBERG (Evangelism Director of the Willow Creek Association)

Many pastors and churches are being urged to adopt the strategies used apparently with great ‘success’ at the Willow Creek Community Church in America whose Senior Pastor is Bill Hybels.

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