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‘Strange Bedfellows’ with ‘Evangelical Alliance’

  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and the ‘Global Day of Prayer’:
  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’, Morrris Cerullo
  • Steve Munsey,Benny Hinn and R T Kendall:
  • ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and ‘The Emerging Church’

On the Evangelical Alliance website there is a section that deals with ‘Relationships Commitment’ and it can be found by following this link – http://www.eauk.org/connect/about-us/basis-of-faith.cfm#erc

It tells of discussions between the ‘Evangelical Alliance’ and the ‘British Evangelical Council’ [BEC]. We learn that one of the aims was ‘to provide an up-dated version of the eight “general resolutions” agreed at the 1846 Assembly that launched the Evangelical Alliance’.

Earlier we read in the article ‘we seek to promote good Christian practice, as well as true Christian doctrine’. Later there is a listing of ‘the eight “general resolutions” already mentioned and they are subdivided between ‘Affirmations’ and ‘Actions’.

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Global Day of Prayer: Sunday 4th June 2006

According to the ‘Transformations Ireland’ website  the next ‘Global Day of Prayer’ is scheduled for Sunday 4th June 2006 and locally the event will, as last year, be staged at Stormont in Belfast. The website gives the names of the local committee as follows –

Ian Ballentine, Margaret Clarke, Niall Griffin, David Hamilton, Larry Kelly, Peter Murray, Priscilla Reid, Mairisine Stanfield

These members represent what I would describe as an ecumenical, charismatic mix. For instance, Larry Kelly was one of the ‘testimonies’ in the Roman Catholic publication ‘Adventures in Reconciliation’ where he was introduced in these words – ‘Larry leads the Lamb of God Community in North Belfast and has been a pioneer in interdenominational relationships in Belfast over the past 20 years. A trustee of the Christian Renewal Centre in Rostrevor [ultra ecumenical and charismatic] Larry leads cross-denominational ALPHA [need I say more?] Bible Study Courses in Belfast’

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