BENNY HINN to visit Belfast – AGAIN!


I have sadly just learned that BENNY HINN is due to be speaking again in Belfast (24th – 25th November). Details of the visit can be accessed on

In recent times, no less a person that Benny Hinn’s nephew, COSTI HINN has been telling of how he used to work for a time for his uncle’s‘ministry’ (as a ‘catcher’).

However, following a genuine conversion, Costi eventually disassociated himself from the teachings of ‘Benny Hinn Ministries’ (and other like-minded ‘ministries’). Recently he has spent time giving interviews and telling of how he came to that point and he has been graciously, but resolutely exposing the unbiblical nature of what is taught in ‘Word of Faith’’ circles.

This first link will take you to a 30-minute interview he did with JUSTIN PETERS who was my guest here some years ago. This link will take you to the interview

Around the same time Costi did a longer (hour-long) interview with Brannon Howse and you can access that interview on this link

Mention was made several times of radio shows that Costi had done with Justin Peters and these can currently be accessed by going to this link and listening to the shows listed for 23rd February 2017 through to and including 8th March 2017. This is the current link  and the programmes appear first on page 6 of the listings – you need to register with WVW to access these interviews

As an alternative to registering with WVW to hear those radio shows you can go to Justin’s web site on this link and scroll down to USB Flash Drive and you can order this item which not only contains those interviews but a whole lot of other helpful materials – highly recommended. 

In my opening line, I mentioned that Benny Hinn is coming to Belfast ‘AGAIN’ and this link will take you to an interesting local radio report that was broadcast following his previous visit

Prior to that visit I listed in a short article some links that exposed some of Benny Hinn’s false teachings and practices and these are some of those links

In conclusion, I mentioned that Justin Peters had been my guest here some years ago and you can watch video of his presentation on

(Part 1: Justin’s presentation starts @ 13.15)

(Part 2)

Please pray that if Benny Hinn’s visit does take place later this year that no one will be deceived by this false teacher, false healer and false prophet.

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 30 August 2017