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News From The Front – June 1997

Dear praying friends,

Over recent months the size of the mailing list has grown dramatically and in consequence the costs involved in issuing “News From The Front” have naturally risen also. With this issue of “News From The Front” I am trying to update the MAILING LIST and if there is a special letter enclosed with your issue I would ask you to please give it your attention and if you wish to receive future issues (DV) be sure to return the reply slip at the end of the letter – we wish to be good stewards of God’s provision. You will also find a separate letter concerning a “Take Heed” Mission Fund which has been launched and I would stress that any gifts for this should be made payable to ‘Take Heed’ Mission Fund so as to distinguish them from gifts in support of ‘Take Heed’ Ministries. The pace of spiritual deception is increasing rapidly and the pressures in countering such deceptions seem to intensify as each day passes – your practical and prayerful support mean much to us.

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