News From The Front – June 1997

Dear praying friends,

Over recent months the size of the mailing list has grown dramatically and in consequence the costs involved in issuing “News From The Front” have naturally risen also. With this issue of “News From The Front” I am trying to update the MAILING LIST and if there is a special letter enclosed with your issue I would ask you to please give it your attention and if you wish to receive future issues (DV) be sure to return the reply slip at the end of the letter – we wish to be good stewards of God’s provision. You will also find a separate letter concerning a “Take Heed” Mission Fund which has been launched and I would stress that any gifts for this should be made payable to ‘Take Heed’ Mission Fund so as to distinguish them from gifts in support of ‘Take Heed’ Ministries. The pace of spiritual deception is increasing rapidly and the pressures in countering such deceptions seem to intensify as each day passes – your practical and prayerful support mean much to us.

Your servant for Christ

Cecil Andrews

Council of Reference

Pastor Stephen Boreland, Pastor Wesley Crawford, Pastor William Houston, Rev. Robin Little, Rev. Frank McKeown, Rev. Robert Walsh.

  • Ian McCormack-Back From The Dead?

I was given video of an interview which took place last year on the Euro Christian Channel which is available to satellite TV viewers. This ‘Christian’ channel was launched last year and the dedication service in London featured people Like Ulf Ekman (see News From The Front’ February 1997 pages 13-14) and Benny Hinn. Another face seen at the dedication belonged to Colin Dye who is the senior Pastor at Kensington Temple. Recently Mr Dye withdrew his church from Evangelical Alliance and in Charisma magazine (EuroCharisma – February 1997) he was quoted as saying ‘For some time now I have felt the Alliance was not adequately representing the concerns of pentecostals on the radical end of the evangelical spectrum.” Just how “radical” Mr Dye is was seen during his interview with a New Zealand man – Ian McCormack. Set out following is a transcript of excerpts from the interview between Colin Dye (CD) and Ian McCormack (IMcC)

CD “Now, angels with harps, St.Peter at the gate, a fiery pit, whatever your ideas of heaven and hell, my guest HAS EXPERIENCED BOTH as a reality stung by deadly jelly fish and placed by doctors in a mortuary HE HAD A BRIEF GLIMPSE OF THE AFTERLIFE before God allowed him to continue his life back here on earth. Ian you have a remarkable story to tell and when you came to my church Kensington Temple a little while ago you really moved us with that story – I want co just sit back and listen to that story again tell me what happened to you In 1982.

Ian McCormack now confirms being stung by box-Jellyfish whilst diving off Mauritius. Rushed to hospital and in spite of anti-toxin treatment he was later pronounced dead.

IMcG “I found myself in a totally dark void, I found myself wide awake standing upright and as I stood there I became aware that the darkness had like an evil presence or a cold and pervading presence of terror. As I stood there began to feel people around me as thought they were looking at me and as I tried to go to touch my face , you know it was so dark I found my hand actually passed straight through it-that’s bizarre-it was like I was there but there was no physical form.”

CD “You were out of the body?”

IMcC” well it appeared to be and as I felt this presence around me I began to hear men’s voices screaming to me from the right and to the left saying that I deserved to be there, that I WAS IN HELL and to shut up. As I stood in this intensely terrifying place I saw a radiant shaft of pure white light pierce trough the darkness above me – as it shone upon my face I felt an sensation go through me of power and my entire body seemed to leave, leave the ground and get translated up into this radiant white light…As I’m being drawn up into this radiant light I can see that far above me there is a circular shaped opening where the light is emanating forth from. I find myself enter this opening and I can see now that it is a tunnel, circular in shape; as I look along the length of it I can see the source of the radiance. My first impression is that it’s the centre of the universe. I watch as a wave of light comes up towards me and I find myself being drawn at an amazing speed towards this light. As this first wave comes up it touches and an amazing sense of warmth and comfort floods through me…another wave…this time total peace filled me…the third wave…joy and excitement .towards the central core it was like a white fire…As I thought that to myself a man spoke to me from the centre of the light asking me if I wished to return calling me by name. I thought, return where? I looked behind me, directly behind me, I saw this tunnel going back into darkness…As I stood there I said “I do not know where I am”…he said “if you wish to return you must see things in a new light”…”Are you the true light?” As I asked that question words appeared in front of my eyes “God is light and in him there is no darkness at all” John 1:5…I felt so you know what I mean, I was in the wrong place, I felt like I should crawl back under some rock or go back into the pit where I belong. I don’t belong in the presence of God…I thought, I’ve cursed God, how on earth can you love me…I said God I’ve broken your commandments. I’ve slept around, I’ve taken drugs, why are you doing this? As I stood there more and more of his acceptance began to flow in me. As it did I found myself weeping uncontrollably because I didn’t think that God could love me.”

CD”Ian, there in such an experience GOD gave you the opportunity to come back or presumably just to go on to be with Him. What was it like faced with that choice?

IMcC “Well, I didn’t want to come back…I looked and saw a man standing with dazzling white robes…I felt a purity and an amazing holiness coming forth off his face…I could see behind him like a brand new earth or brand new planet…He said “Ian, now that you’ve seen do you wish to go in or do you wish to return?…I thought I’ll look back and then step through – as I looked back I saw directly behind me my mother in a dear vision,..My mother I found out later was praying for me at the precise moment I was in that ambulance; she was on her knees…God had shown her my face and said your eldest son Ian is nearly dead so she’d been praying right through that time…well I looked back and God showed me that it wasn’t just my mum to return for because he showed me thousands of other people…I said “I don’t know these people;” He said, “son I love them all, I desire them all to come to know me;” as I saw these people I just realized that God’s heart’s so great…He spoke; as He spoke He said “son, tilt your head, now feel the liquid drain from your eye, now open your eye and see.” I was instantly back in my physical form in what appeared to be a morgue…I looked to my left and saw nurses and orderlies and they saw me looking at them and they dived out of the doorway like a ghost had come or a corpse had come back to life. From all I could figure out 15 minutes was the time they’d lost me.”

CD Ian, that’s an amazing story and obviously you’ve had a very special experience with God but can everybody get to know God like that without these experiences, simply by believing the Bible?”

IMcC “Jesus said clearly if you will turn from your sins,if you’ll turn from darkness, if you’ll repent and come to him, the light of the world, he said I’ll cleanse you of all your wickedness, I’ll cleanse you of all your sin and he said I’ll receive you and I know that he delivered me out of great darkness and brought me into his glorious light.”

Ian McCormack appeared to be a very sincere young man whose life has been completely turned around by this experience and it was good to hear him pointing people to Christ for salvation. However, was his experience truly a journey through hell and heaven and an encounter with God? To answer that we need to consider what the Word of God teaches and in Luke 16 verses 19-31 we read of two men who died – one went to heaven (“Abraham’s bosom”) and the other went to hell. The one in hell wanted the man who’d gone to heaven to come to him with a drop of water to cool his tongue. This was Abraham’s reply “between us and you there is a great gulf FIXED so that they which would pass from hence to you cannot; neither can they pass to us that would come from thence.” The Word of God teaches that it is not possible for those dead to pass from heaven to hell or from hell to heaven as Ian McCormack stated happened to him. Ian claims that God sent him back to bring a message to thousands of people whom God loved and desired to bring to Himself. The man suffering in hell in Luke 16 wanted someone to go back to warn his five brothers – “if one went unto them from the dead they will repent” – this is basically what Ian claims God told him. Abraham’s reply was “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead.” In view of the poisonous toxins affecting Ian it is possible this was a hallucinatory and/or demonic experience which Colin Dye should have rejected in the light of biblical truth. As for Ian’s pointer to Christ we should remember the damsel of Acts 16v16 who had a spirit of divination and yet she pointed people to listen to Paul and his message of salvation. Paul didn’t leave her deceived, he delivered her. May Ian likewise be set free from deception to serve God “in spirit and in truth.”

  • Billy Graham, The Vatican and Salt Lake City

I mentioned in the last issue of ‘News From The Front’ February 1997 pages 6-7 the disturbing comments made by Billy Graham in relation to non-Christian faiths and how he would like to see them represented at the inauguration of the American President. Following the inauguration of Bill Clinton in January of this year for a second term of office Mr Graham was interviewed on American TV by a well known broadcaster Larry King who put this question to him.

LK “What do you think of other, what do you think of like Mormonism, Catholicism – other faiths within the Christian concept?

In reply Billy Graham said


LK “You’re comfortable with Salt Lake City, your comfortable with the Vatican”

BG “Oh I am very comfortable with the Vatican. I’ve been to see the Pope several times and in fact the day he was inaugurated, made Pope I was Preaching in his cathedral in Krakow, I was his guest”

LK “You’re kidding”

BG “…and I have had lots of wonderful correspondence, I’ve been to see him on 2 or 3 occasions”

LK “You were preaching in his church the day he was made Pope?”

BG “That is correct, in Krakow”

LK “Whow!” (Billy Graham chuckles at this point) You must have been shocked”

BG “Of course I was – there was shouting on the streets you know the next day ‘Polish Pope! Polish Pope!”

LK “You like this Pope?”

BG “I LIKE HIM VERY MUCH, he’s very conservative”

LK “But not socially, he’s a liberal socially, I mean wealthy nations he wants them to share the wealth”


How sad to yet again witness his ecumenical compromise.

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses Commend The Church of England

In the March 1996 ‘News From The Front’ I examined the teaching of the Jehovah’s Witnesses on the subject of HELL and in the course of the article referred to the then recently published report by the Church of England called ‘The Mystery of Salvation’ in which they described hell as a state of ‘total non-being’. The back cover of the February 15, 1997 WATCHTOWER magazine carries an article entitled ‘The Truth About Hell’ and following are some extracts from this article.

‘A report by the Church of England’s doctrine commission states that hell is not a fiery furnace after all; rather it is an abstract place of nothingness…This discomfort with the traditional view of hell is not exclusive to the Church of England. People from various denominations find it difficult to worship a vengeful God who incinerates sinners…Jehovahs Witnesses have long held that hell, as the Bible teaches it, is simply the common grave of dead mankind – not a place of fiery torment…With this clear understanding regarding the condition of the dead, Charles Taze Russell, first President of the Watch Tower Society, wrote back in 1896 “We Find (in the Bible) no such place of everlasting torture as the creeds and hymn books and many pulpits erroneously teach. Yet we have found a “hell”, hades, to which our race were condemned on account of Adam’s sin and from which all are redeemed by our Lord s death; and that “hell” is the tomb- the death condition.’ Thus for more than a century Jehovah’s Witnesses have taught Biblical truth about hell.’

Comment- Whilst it is true that the sin of Adam brought death upon all (Romans 5v12-19) it is also true that the individual sins of those who die without Christ will be taken into account when God judges them (see Rev.20v11-15). God is not being simply ‘vengeful’ but also being ‘just.’ Those so judged will be cast into “the lake of fire”(v15) and “shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever” (v10). “Take Heed” to the rich man of Luke 16v28!

  • ‘A Eucharistic Miracle Draws Fatima Pilgrims’

This was the large print headline to a holiday advertising feature in the main Roman Catholic morning newspaper ‘The Irish News’ of Wednesday 23rd April. The article stated ‘Almost every one of the 25 groups being brought to Fatima this year by Lauri Duffy travel will have the opportunity to visit Santarem where the 750th anniversary of a famous Eucharistic Miracle is being celebrated. The origin of the city, 35 miles south of Fatima, goes back to pre-Roman times but it is because of the extraordinary event that occurred there in 1247 that it is now on the world map. The story that has survived the centuries concerns a woman whose husband was unfaithful to her. In desperation to bring him back she sought the aid of a local sorceress or witch. The sorceress promised to make a potion which if slipped into her husband’s food would convert him from his waywardness, but in return she demanded a Consecrated Host. To obtain the Consecrated Host the woman is said to have feigned serious sickness at the entrance to the Church of St.Stephen, knowing that the priest would bring her communion in the belief that she could be dying. The woman it is claimed took the Host from her mouth and hid it in a veil which she wore round her neck. She then set out for her nearby home, today a small oratory. On the way however she discovered that blood was coming from her veil. On arrival home she hid the bleeding Host in her linen chest. During the night she and her husband were wakened from their sleep to see elevated above the chest the Host emitting bright rays of light to the sound of what seemed to be Angelic music. The next morning confessing her guilt the woman told her priest. He came and carried the Host in solemn ceremony back to the Church, today called the Church of the Miracle, where it has been venerated in a special Monstrance down through the centuries.’

One can only feel great sorrow for those who will be brought to view this sight and no doubt kneel before it because for sure it is not a “heavenly host praising God” (Luke 2v13) but more a “sacrifice to devils” (1Cor.10v20).

  • Book Review

The Principality and the Power of Europe-Adrian Hilton

As I prepare this article the United Kingdom is getting ready for a general election on lst May and one of the major issues being considered by the voters is the effect that membership of the European Union is having on the affairs of the nation. What was once perceived as merely a union to promote trade is now being recognised for what it truly is – a political alliance which intrudes into virtually every aspect of internal political decision making. Adrian Hilton writes ‘policy decisions which affect the United Kingdom are being taken by individuals who are not responsible to Britain or its electorate…all the decisions are taken by just 50 people…neither the democratically elected European Parliament nor the national parliaments can overturn the decisions of these 50 oligarchs (oligarchy = government by the few); European laws are absolute” (page 82). But this is not just a political book, it deals also with spiritual matters and highlights how Roman Catholicism is on the march as Europe edges ever closer to Federalism. Mr Hilton quotes from the Catholic Herald which stated ‘The days of the Anglican Church are numbered and most of its worshippers will return to the true faith of their distant medieval forebears’ (page 49). On page 52 we read ‘the Roman Catholic Church is being given an open invitation to fill the vacuum created and set a moral agenda to stabilize an uncertain society…The more the Church of England is perceived as a failure the greater the opportunity will be for the Church of Rome to proceed with its ‘evangelization’ and absorb Britain into a Catholic Europe.’ Mr Hiltons book can be obtained from Take Heed.

  • ‘The Appointed Times’ (Randy Bullock)

A number of friends contacted me to say that they had received this book, unsolicited through the post. It had been sent to them by a Mr Tony MacCormack of Wilmslow at the request of a Mr Alec Brackett. Mr Brackett heads up a ministry called “Things That Matter” which is based in Manchester and which works along with Operation Mobilization. Mr Brackett’s ministry duplicates and distributes cassette recordings. In the letter which accompanied the literature sent out Mr Brackett stated clearly “This is a personal message from Alec Brackett and is not related to the work of OPERATION MOBILIZATION.” Mr Brackett also wrote

‘This is another communication from Alec Brackett of…and it is almost certainly the last that you will receive.–I’m sure that when you have read these things (‘The Appointed Times’ by Randy Bullock + other leaflets by James Bramlett who wrote the forward for the book) you will realise that the SECOND COMING, known generally as THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH is in the immediate future!!! Almost certainly in 1997 and extremely likely to be on the Feast of Pentecost…l4th/l5th May 1997. We may all be wrong but I am convinced! It is because I believe this that I said at the beginning of this letter that this will be the last communication which I will ever send you in this world.’

On page 57 of his book Mr Bullock wrote ‘The return of Christ as Prince when he comes to rapture the saints… will take place on May 14th 1997…Christ will return as King on May 14th 2004.’ I spoke to George Verwer who heads up Operation Mobilization who told me how shocked he had been at Mr Bracketts actions in this matter. Apparently Mr Brackett is now filled with deep remorse and will be writing a letter of apology and retraction and this is to be welcomed and commended. As for Mr Bullock and Mr Bramlett if you read this they are false prophets!

  • Visit Of Frank Eberhart (5th February – 2nd March)

I want to begin this report by expressing thanks to all those who faithfully prayed for this visit because I can assure you that our God answered those prayers in a marvellous way. In relation to practical matters such as safety He watched over us as we travelled some 2300 miles going from meeting to meeting – 29 in 26 days. He kept both Frank and myself physically in good shape and that despite the much flu etc that was doing the rounds’ at that time. Spiritually He renewed and refreshed us for each new challenge and above all He moved in hearts even to the salvation of precious souls. Personally we met 5 people who we believe were truly converted as Frank testified and it was reported to us that on the night following a meeting another soul attended a church service and was gloriously saved. We would commend the following to you for prayerful remembrance – Lisa, David, Mrs Matthews, Colin and Nicky – all these souls are from Roman Catholic backgrounds and I have had reports since on a number that they are going on well and attending churches regularly. I don’t know the name or background of the young man who was saved the night following his hearing of Frank’s testimony but the Lord will know who he is when you bring him to the throne of grace. I would ask you to prayerfully remember Frank, his wife Kim and all their family some of whom help out at his ministry – Gospel Outreach. His testimony is ‘laced’ with scripture and would be useful in any number of evangelistic situations. It is available on both audio (£3.30 including p&p) and video (£5.50 including p&p) from myself. The recent visits of Frank and Richard Bennett (last September) have led directly to a special outreach which I would now like to bring to your attention.

  • “Take Heed” Mission Fund

Enclosed with this newsletter is a letter setting out details of the above fund which was launched at the beginning of April. As I write this article {26th April) donations to the fund have enabled us to purchase almost 2500 cassettes (enough for 1250 priests} and to date we have issued tapes to just over 200 priests. We also have the necessary padded envelopes to cover the cassettes in stock plus address labels and covering letters (I’m grateful to a fellow member in my own church who has been able by computer to scan the details in the directory and produce these which will save much manual work). The fast copier (donated by a fellow Christian ministry in U.S.A.}has arrived safely and after due payment of import duty and VAT [‘render unto Caesar’] and transformation to conform to our voltage system it is ‘up and running.’ It can fast-copy 3 tapes at a time and in addition we have purchased a single-tape fast copier so distribution to the priests will speed up from now an (DV). Wednesday l6th April was I believe a significant day in the life of this venture and I shared the following with my own church midweek. In the morning I had what I called the ‘Devil’s Discouragement.’ A set of tapes was returned with no comment from a priest in Dublin. Normally I would have spent time reading the scriptures and going through a daily devotional book BEFORE my mail arrived but on this particular day for various reasons that had not been possible and so this ‘discouragement’ arrived first.

When I did come to read the scriptures I was reading Hebrews chapter 12 and through verse 3 came ‘God’s Encouragement.’ The verse reads – “For consider him (Christ) that endured such contradiction of (hostility from) sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.”

God was simply reminding me of how people reacted to and against His beloved Son and not to be discouraged if and when I experienced similar opposition. But God hadn’t finished speaking. As I turned to the daily devotional the memory verse for that day was Revelation 3v8 “I know thy works; Behold I have set before thee an open door and no man can shut it.” At the Wednesday prayer meeting my own Pastor was speaking about ‘standing on the promises of God’ and so in faith I said that I believed this verse to be ‘God’s Promise’ for this venture. As if to reinforce His seal upon this outreach the memory verse for the next day was lst John5v13 “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life” – this is the scripture reference quoted at the bottom of the covering letter to each priest. Also on the Thursday I received a letter from the young English trainee priest, Stephen Wang: (Please pray for him) He wrote

‘Dear Mr Andrews, Thank you for sending the tapes out to Rome – it was kind of you to take the trouble. I haven’t had time to Listen to them yet, but I will make some time in the next few weeks. With best wishes..Stephen Wang’

Since then I have again been reminded of the nature of the spiritual battle into which we have entered when I received another set of tapes back (the priest thought anonymously but I know who returned them) with this note-‘Sob, sob! I have enough rubbish already. I don’t want to add to it thank you. We will always have Judas’s so apply Mt.24v4 to yourself and your friends. Its most appropriate.’-Please pray for this man who I’m convinced listened to Richard Bennett’s tape. Please also prayerfully consider this outreach.

  • The Pensacola ‘Revival’

For a good part of 1994 right through to the latter part of 1996 many of my speaking engagements were devoted to exposing the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing.’ Things in this part of the world had been quiet in that area during recent months and it is known that a number of the churches which had been actively promoting this ‘blessing’ and had seen large numbers coming to their services had experienced a severe downturn in numbers as the ‘novelty’ wore off. In PENSACOLA, Florida since August 1995 the Brownsville Assembly of God church claim that God has been pouring out His Spirit in REVIVAL and in the Christian Fellowship Church in Belfast (which actively promoted ‘Toronto’ the guest speaker on Friday l8th April was Terry Virgo of New Frontiers International. Mr Virgo who is based in Columbia Missouri wrote a report which I quoted from in my little booklet ‘The Toronto Blessing Is No Laughing Matter’ of how his church members had come under the influence of Rodney Howard Browne and had brought ‘holy laughter’ and ‘being drunk in the spirit’ into his assembly. At the Belfast meeting he claimed that God was moving in REVIVAL and he showed about 20 minutes of video of the ‘goings-on’ at PENSACOLA. He also encouraged people to participate in an extensive period of fasting which is being held by many groups in America (fasting has taken on new dimensions ever since Bill Bright of Campus Crusade fasted for a lengthy period and then came with a promise (‘from God’) of impending REVIVAL. A later speaker in CFC on l8th April encouraged those present to take the news of this REVIVAL to their Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. Are the events at PENSACOLA a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a true REVIVAL? Sadly, having watched quite a few hours of video of events there I have to report that this is like a re-run of ‘Toronto.’ In movie terms it could be called ‘Toronto 2.’ Let me briefly detail some worrying aspects. The pastor of the Brownsville church is John Kilpatrick and he has written a book called ‘Feast of Fire’ (like Toronto the use of the word ‘Fire’ is common-place.) The foreword to the book is written by Paul (now David) Yonggi Cho whose unbiblical teachings are well documented. Hank Hanegraaff wrote on page 82 of ‘Christianity in Crisis’-‘Cho…has codified these same faith formulas under the label of “fourth dimensional power. In his bestselling book The Fourth Dimension he unveils his departure from historic Christian theology into the world of the occult.’

John MacArthur wrote on page 149 of ‘Charismatic Chaos’ ‘Dr.Paul Yonggi Cho’s “fourth dimension” ideas…are rooted in Buddhist and occult teachings.’ Bearing these comments in mind we should be very wary of what Mr Cho wrote in the foreword of ‘Feast of Fire’

“When I was ministering in Seattle Washington in 1991 I became deeply concerned about the spiritual decline in America. I began to pray even more earnestly for REVIVAL in these United States. As I prayed I felt the Lord prompt me to get a map of America and to point my finger at the map. I found myself pointing at the city of PENSACOLA in the Florida panhandle. Then I sensed the Lord say “I am going to send REVIVAL to the seaside city of PENSACOLA and it will spread like a fire until ALL OF AMERICA has been consumed by it.” Having viewed on video this ‘REVIVAL’ I can confirm that it has all the ungodly, unscriptural antics which were displayed at Toronto. As a lady came on stage and collapsed Pastor Kilpatrick declared ‘Welcome to REVIVAL.’ When another lady mentioned the reaction of her 3 year old daughter Mr Kilpatrick said “The Lord’s moving in the nursery too he really is. We’ve had little children, little biddy children like 2 years old their little eyes just rolled back in their head and they’re out in the spirit; they look like little angels it’s wonderful.’ Space prevents me saying a lot more so I’ll finish with one comment by Steve Smith who has been the resident ‘evangelist’ during this ‘REVIVAL’ Having yelled over and over “Bless the Lord’ he declared ‘What we need in our church is ‘GODLY DISORDER’ and by way of illustration demonstration he began to stomp his leg up and down declaring ‘maybe that’s a victory march’ – enough said!

  • Visit Of Dr Eryl Davies

Dr.Davies is principle of the Evangelical Theological College of Wales and has authored a number of very helpful books such as ‘Truth Under Attack’ [an analysis of many cults] and ‘Condemned For Ever’ [teaching on hell]. I am enclosing a copy of the leaflet advertising his trip and would ask for your prayers that God will use this trip to reach the Cooneyite people who “have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge.”

  • Ministry Visit to America

I have received two invitations to speak in America later this year. One invitation comes from the Reformed Bible Church in Rutland, Vermont. Rob Zins who has been my guest in recent years to debate with Roman Catholic priests teaches in this church. The plan is to hold a ‘Conference on Cults’ from 30th October – lst November and in that time I will speak on four topics. At the end of each session there will be a question time. I hope also to speak at the morning service on 2nd November. The following weekend a conference on ‘Witnessing to Roman Catholics’ is being held at Grace Community church near Los Angeles. The main speakers are John MacArthur, Dave Hunt and Joe Jordan [Word of Life USA] but I have also been asked to speak (first). The organisers expect around 2500 people to attend so your prayers far all aspects of these meetings (practical/spiritual) are coveted.