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Whose ‘Evolutionary Feathers’ have been Ruffled?

It was recently drawn to my attention by a Christian friend that I was ‘listed’ on the ‘WHO IS WHO’ page of a website dedicated to promoting Darwinian Evolution and to refuting Biblical creation. I went to the website in question and downloaded the following about the organisation.

  • About the British Centre for Science Education
  • What is the BCSE?

The British Centre for Science Education is a single issue pressure group dedicated solely to keeping creationism and intelligent design out of the science classroom in publicly-funded schools in the United Kingdom.

  • Who is behind the BCSE?

BCSE is a co-operative, with a formal constitution, of like-minded people. It is run by a committee elected by its members

The seven committee members at present are:

  • Michael Brass, Interim Chairman,
  • Roger Stanyard, Interim Spokesman
  • Ian Lowe, Interim IT Manager
  • Alan Bellis, General Advisor
  • Brian Jordan, Scientific Advisor
  • Timothy Chase, General Advisor
  • John Germain, Interim Membership Secretary

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