EVOLUTION: Rejected by God’s Word


My finalisation of this article is very timely in the light of a programme being broadcast on BBC 2 television this very evening. It is going out at 9.00 pm and is titled ‘The Day the Dinosaurs Died’.

In the listing for it we read ‘Documentary examining the asteroid strike 66 million years ago’.

In a separate write-up promoting it we read ‘’What really caused dinosaurs to disappear from the face of the earth, 66 million years ago? In this documentary, Alice Roberts and Ben Garrod catch up with an international scientific expedition that is revealing startling new evidence about one of the most mysterious vanishing acts in our planet’s history’.

The BBC are of course the consummate cheer-leaders for ‘Big-Bang’, ‘Old-Earth’ and ‘Evolution’ (annoyingly at our expense) so don’t be expecting any support for the truth of God’s wonderful 6-day creation as revealed to us in His Word, the Bible.

I am posting this article with two hopes in mind. The first hope is to expose the vacuous and fraudulent claims made for evolution that are based upon pseudo-science or as God’s Word states, “oppositions of science (knowledge), falsely so-called” (1st Timothy 6:20). Evolution is not ‘scientific knowledge’, it is simply ‘theoretical speculation’.

My second hope is to demonstrate that God’s people can have full confidence in the record of creation as detailed for us by the Creator Himself in His infallible Word, the Bible, and specifically in Genesis, chapters 1 and 2.

By way of introduction let me direct you to the following trailer for the movie called

‘Is Genesis History’


Perhaps having watched the trailer you may wish to purchase the full movie and there are links shown on the web site to enable you to do that.

Following on, I now want to give the links to a series of Radio Broadcasts by John MacArthur that were titled

‘The Battle for The Beginning’

and I feel sure that these will be of great help in equipping God’s people to have full confidence in the Bible’s record of God’s Creation that we find in Genesis 1 and 2.

As is the case with many preachers that I respect highly, there are often some areas where I would perhaps see things differently, and so, when very occasionally John MacArthur makes reference to eschatological ‘end-time’ matters, these would not be views that I personally share. However, in no way do they detract from the wonderful way in which he has addressed the total short-comings of the so-called

‘Theory of Evolution’

So, herewith are the links to those Radio Broadcasts.

Creation: Believe It or Not, Part 1: Genesis 1:1 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170417.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation: Believe It or Not, Part 2: Genesis 1:1 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170418.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

God: Creator and Redeemer: Genesis 1:1 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170419.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 1: Genesis 1:1 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170420.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 1: Genesis 1:1 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170421.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 2: Genesis 1:1 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170424.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

The How, Why, and When of Creation, Part 2: Genesis 1:1 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170425.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 2: Genesis 1:6-8    http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170426.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 2: Genesis 1:6-8    http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170427.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 3: Genesis 1:9-13  http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170428.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 3: Genesis 1:9-13   http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170501.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 4: Genesis 1:14-19 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170502.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 4: Genesis 1:14-19 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170503.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

The ‘clear’ and ‘rational’ ‘thinking-content’ in the quote given towards the end of the broadcast and from the writings of C S Lewis serve only to affirm that Mr Lewis was certainly a ‘Theist’. They do not affirm that Mr Lewis was a ‘Christian’ and when other writings by him are examined, that position, of being a ‘Christian’, is extremely questionable as demonstrated by my article on 


Creation Day 5: Genesis 1:20-23 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170504.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 6: Part one: : Genesis 1:24-26 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170505.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 6: Part one: Genesis 1:20-23 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170508.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 6: Part one: Genesis 1:20-23 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170509.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 6: Part 2: Genesis 1:26-27 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170510.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 6: Part 3: The Implications of Evolution: Genesis 1:26-31 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170511.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

Creation Day 6: Part 3: The Implications of Evolution: Genesis 1:26-31 http://cdn.gty.org/radio/uk20170512.mp3?x-source=website&xtype=download

In a number of the Radio Broadcasts reference was made to John MacArthur’s book

‘The Battle for The Beginning’ and, having my own copy, I would recommend it as a very useful resource.

Here are a number of links through which it can be purchased



Just by way of closing, perhaps I could give the link to a modest article that I penned on one aspect of God’s wonderful Creation, namely,

‘A Total Eclipse of The Sun’

and in which I quote some extracts from John MacArthur’s book.

This is the link


Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 15 May 2017