ALF McCREARY says The Koran does not sanction violence:


Monday 22nd May 2017 was a day of murderous infamy in Manchester as a Jihadi suicide bomber blew himself up as a pop concert audience was beginning to leave the Manchester Arena.

ALF McCREARY, the Religious Affairs correspondent of the Belfast Telegraph addressed this atrocity in his column on Saturday 27th May 2017 and in it made a totally ludicrous claim that Jihadi violence is not sanctioned by The Koran.

Having read his article I was moved to post the following on Facebook which demonstrates clearly that Mr McCreary does not know what he is talking (writing) about. This was my post –

ALF McCREARY in his column in today’s Belfast Telegraph has devoted it to his reflections on the Manchester murders on Monday past when a Jihadist carried out a suicide bombing that claimed many lives and wounded scores of others.

Correctly Mr McCREARY has identified the hypocrisy of Sinn Fein who have condemned this atrocity but have resolutely refused to condemn or apologise for similar-type atrocities carried out in Northern Ireland by the Provisional IRA for which they were the political mouthpiece. Let’s never forget that at their annual meetings Sinn Fein allowed the PIRA to give an update (in secret session) on the so-called ‘armed struggle’.

However, these are the (ludicrous) comments by ALF McCREARY that I want to highlight. He wrote –

‘Tragically the majority of those evil militant Islamists who bring murder and mayhem to the West, as well as to their own societies, are claiming, WRONGLY (Cecil – emphasis mine) the religious backing of The Koran.’

Of course, The Koran, when properly understood in the light of abrogation, does sanction the never-ending ‘murder and mayhem’ referred to by ALF McCREARY.

I never thought I would call as a witness to something I have written, a Muslim Imam, but the video and article on this link will show that The Koran does back such ‘murder and mayhem’. This is the link –

In conclusion, I would urge people to pray for this honest man, Imam Tawhidi, that he would be brought savingly by the Spirit of God, to a living relationship with the only Saviour of sinners, the Lord Jesus Christ.

PS The transcript of a short Muslim cleric’s ‘sermon’ confirms The Koran-basis of such violence as you can read on

and you can see him delivering this ‘sermon’ on

PPS Another relevant and revealing interview by a professing Christian who was formerly a Muslim (and a son of a leader of Hamas) can be seen on this link

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 27 May 2017