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The ‘gay christian’ TV debate

A number of recent articles posted to the website have been dealing with so-called Christian groups and individuals who have been teaching that a sexually active homosexual or lesbian lifestyle is compatible with a profession to being a Christian.

In October 2008 on GENESIS TV [which as you will see has a leaning towards ‘things Pentecostal’] a debate took place between David McIlveen, the minister of Sandown Road Free Presbyterian and a self-confessed lesbian ‘Bishop’ attached to the Metropolitan Community Church denomination. In an article that I wrote several years ago on the worrying views of Philip Yancey on this issue I referred to an interview that he gave and in the course of it he himself refers to this MCC grouping. That article can be accessed on

The contribution to this debate by David McIlveen, which as you will see was overwhelmingly endorsed by the vast majority of those who emailed or telephoned the programme, is I believe Scripture-honouring and God-glorifying and I pray the Lord will use it to bring biblical clarity to this contentious issue.

TODD BENTLEY and GOD TV – What’s’ ‘the pedigree’ of GOD TV?

Currently the so-called ‘revival’ claimed to be taking place in Lakeland, Florida and orchestrated for the most part by TODD BENTLEY is receiving vast worldwide live television coverage via GOD TV that was founded by Rory & Wendy Alec. TODD BENTLEY and other speakers have paid many tributes to GOD TV from the platform(s) in Lakeland.

In April 2005 I invited Alan Morrison who had produced many helpful materials at the time of the so-called ‘Toronto Blessing’ to come here and speak in a number of churches on the subject

If you click on the following link you will be able to view the talk that Alan gave and I believe what you will see and hear should be important factors to be taken into consideration when evaluating whether or not what is happening in Lakeland is truly ‘of God’.