‘THE GREAT CONTROVERSY’ – A book to avoid


Like every household in Northern Ireland we get our regular mail delivery of promotional leaflets advertising the sale items available in the likes of stores such as ‘Lidl’, ‘Spar’ and ‘Vivoxtra’. Tucked in this week amongst those colourful leaflets was a plain black and white A5 sized leaflet headed ‘THE GREAT CONTROVERSY’.

Part of the text on the leaflet read as follows – ‘As each day passes we see and hear snippets and details of news, but is there more? We sense there is – for we hear of international monetary systems, a global curriculum for education… a world parliament of religions and an international version of the Bible. Who plans such things? Who takes the lead – and why?… Did you know that the Bible speaks of these events? There is a conflict going on, but is it the one you think it is? … The FREE book we are offering speaks of this – You need this powerful book today! “THE GREAT CONTROVERSY” is an essential read… Why not read the book and examine its claims and test the evidence for yourself’.

This leaflet was issued by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is promoting one of the major books written by their founding ‘prophetess’ Ellen G White. It contains the major heresies promoted by this cultic grouping and if you go to the article on the link I will provide you can read why one former SDA pastor eventually resigned because of these heresies. You will also see my own additional comments on a number of their false teachings including a section on ‘The Great Controversy’. The link to the article is


and a further helpful article can also be found on


Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 19 March 2014