FACEBOOK postings following Pastor McConnell’s sermon on ISLAM in May

FACEBOOK postings following Pastor McConnell’s sermon on ISLAM in May


FACEBOOK posting 21st May 2014

As an example of how preaching the truth of The Bible is possibly going to be muzzled in my own home country in the future then the story on this link could provide evidence for that –


I would certainly have issues with Mr McConnell in a number of important doctrinal areas but I would find it difficult to disagree with his bible-based assessment of the subject matter of his recent sermon. It would appear that the BBC are spearheading their own ‘investigation’ into what he said but that is not surprising when we consider that (as I understand it) the head of Religious Broadcasting for the whole of the BBC is a member of the religion referred to by Mr McConnell. 


FACEBOOK posting 21st May 2014

Following on from my earlier post about the possible police investigation into truths expressed during a sermon that was preached last Sunday I am copying herewith an email that was forwarded to me and I would encourage all to read it and to then please sign the petition link. Dear …, Please join Personhood USA in their fight to defend Meriam Ibrahim from the unjust death sentence issued to her by the Sudanese government. Sign their petition to the United Nations Human Rights Council — asking they immediate intervene and SAVE MERIAM!

Sign here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/7415-save-meriam

Her only offense is being a Christian. Meriam who was born a Muslim, and later converted to Christianity, has been sentenced by a Sudanese court to 100 lashes, and death by hanging. The Sudanese government claims that Meriam is guilty of apostasy (for her conversion to Christianity) and adultery (because the government refuses to recognize her marriage to her Christian husband.) This combination seems to be punishable by death. But there is even a greater concern: Meriam is eight months pregnant. As they plan to, if the Sudanese government executes Meriam, they will terminate the life of her child. Under Section 6.5 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Sentence of death shall not be imposed for crimes committed by persons below eighteen years of age and shall not be carried out on pregnant women. Help us urge the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay to immediately intervene. Every time the petition is signed, we will send an email directly to Navi — and subsequently Cc the same message to the President of Sudan.

Sign here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/7415-save-meriam

The government has mandated Meriam’s 20 month old son to be imprisoned with her, so he can “not be further indoctrinated to a Christian lifestyle by Meriam’s husband.” Not only will the Sudanese Government be responsible for the death of Merriam, but also the child she is carrying. Not to mention, what will become of her 20 month old son? Sudan has no intention of allowing him to live with his father. We must defend Meriam, her unborn baby, and her son — be a voice for Personhood.

Sign here: http://www.citizengo.org/en/7415-save-meriam

Warmest regards, Gregory Mertz and the whole CitizenGO team


FACEBOOK posting 2nd June 2014

Dear praying friends, Just a short note to say that we arrived home safely in Ballynahinch last evening (Sunday) about 6.00pm – tired but with many happy memories of a lovely visit to Canada. I’m feeling rather “braindead” at the moment and plan to rest up for a few days. However, just referring back to my post of 21 May regarding the ‘storm that broke’ as a result of comments made about ISLAM by a local Belfast pastor I have discovered that this is still very much a live issue on local radio in particular. Many have taken issue with ISLAM being described as ‘heathen’ and ‘Satanic’. Is the local pastor alone in describing ISLAM in such terms? Absolutely not and I would like to draw attention to an article I wrote back in 2008 concerning the conversion of a former Muslim called MAGDI ALLAM to Roman Catholicism and in his own words he did so because “the root of evil is inherent in an Islam that is physiologically violent and historically conflictive”. The article can be accessed on


(NB Links to David Legge talks mentioned is now http://www.preachtheword.com/studies/sscults.html)

MAGDI ALLAM subsequently left the Roman Catholic Church because of its failure to properly address these concerns about Islam preferring rather to ‘cosy up’ to Islam (and indeed many other non-Christian religions). You can read about his departure from Rome on the blog site of another informed critic of Islam, Robert Spencer, who also happens to be a Roman Catholic – the link to that article is


Finally on the blog-site of another local minister (located not far from the church of the local pastor who is currently ‘in the spotlight’) there is a short but interesting article on how society in general treats mockery of Christianity ‘with kid gloves’ but is outraged when other religions are criticised.

That article is on http://soundofanalarm.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/why-no-similar-outcry-when-bible-was.html?m=1

Time now for a very belated breakfast and perhaps then a little afternoon nap. Blessings Cecil (& Margaret)


FACEBOOK posting 3rd June

The article on a link I will give, although written from a mostly American perspective (specifically the references to American history) is a brilliant analysis of how ‘the world’ and its leaders are burying their heads (whilst they still have them) in the sand when it comes to recognising ‘the heart’ of Islam. I commend it highly and it can be viewed on



FACEBOOK posting 4th June

In my article ‘The Intrinsic Nature of Islam by former Muslim, Magdi Allam’ I quoted an extract from a book by Gregory Davis called ‘Religion of Peace? Islam’s war against the World’ and this was the extract – ‘The West must awaken to the fact that it is facing nothing less than the resurgence of the greatest war machine in world history; an ideology that holds the killing of others, the plundering of their wealth, the conquering of their lands, the enslavement of their people, and the destruction of their institutions to be amongst the highest virtues and the stepping stones to salvation…Yet it seems that the secular West today is determined not to hear the bad news…It is hoping that the myriad acts of violence around the world done in the name of Allah are somehow not indicative of “real” Islam… It is hoping that Islam – a religion founded by one of history’s great warlords; a religion that waged wars of aggression and conquest for a thousand years, that slaughtered and enslaved untold millions and invented modern genocide, and that today is the only force in the world that produces terrorism, suicide bombings, hostage-taking, organised rape and massacres on a global scale – that this strange, seething, violent mass is somehow “a religion of peace”. Rejecting this fiction and standing up to be counted will determine whether or not we survive the twenty-first century’.

For anyone interested copies of that book can be purchased on this link http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/097789844X/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new

I must of course make clear that my article referred to and located on


and this book recommendation are not designed to stir up hatred against individual Muslims but rather to alert people to the true nature at the heart of Islam.

My Christian love and concern for the souls of individual Muslims was fully expressed in my tract ‘Dear Muslim Neighbour’ – now out of print but the text of which can be read in my article located on



FACEBOOK posting 5th June

Dear praying friends, I am today sending a letter and enclosures to Mike Nesbitt who is the leader of one of the main political parties here in Northern Ireland, the Ulster Unionst Party. It has been written in response to comments he made in relation to the current ‘Islam controversy’. I would ask you to please pray that Mr Nesbitt may take time when available to consider the items sent to him and that the Lord might give him true spiritual understanding. Many thanks in Christ Cecil This is what I have written to Mr Nesbitt “Dear Mike, In the wake of the recent controversy over statements made about Islam I caught briefly some comments you made at Stormont where you referred to “we Christians” as having places of worship such as “churches and chapels” and you then went on to call for a suitable location for a “mosque” to be sought out. There is no doubt that “Christians” know they have been called to engage in what could be termed ‘spiritual warfare’ – we know this as Paul reminds us that on a daily basis we are to “put on the whole armour of God” (Ephesians 6:11) and we are to “earnestly contend for the faith” (Jude 3). Being therefore ‘Christian soldiers’ a couple of questions spring to mind that are directly related to the views you have expressed.

1. Would our ‘commander in chief’ (The Lord Jesus Christ) be pleased to see Roman Catholicism (“chapels”) being publicly identified with “we Christians”?

2. Would our ‘commander in chief’ (The Lord Jesus Christ) be pleased to see the call being made for the location of a “Mosque” to be sought out?

The short and simple answer to both questions is “no” and I express that view, not in anger, but in ‘spiritual’ sorrow. Why such an answer? Well, enclosed herewith are a number of items that I hope you may, when time permits, examine and ponder.

The green booklet was something that I sent to all Roman Catholic priests in Great Britain when the new ‘millennium’ dawned back in 2000. The ‘Dear Muslim Neighbour’ tract was printed about 6 years ago and of the 10,000 printed I am down now to my last half dozen. The DVD is of a talk on Islam from a Christian perspective that I gave in England back in 2007. The printed article outlines an assessment of Islam by a former Muslim, Magdi Allam. I hope and pray you will find them informative and instructive and should you ever wish to chat with me about any or all of them then I am your servant for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sincerely Cecil Andrews