THE CHURCH: Satan’s Sustained Subversion

THE CHURCH : Satan’s Sustained Subversion

THE CHURCH : Satan’s Sustained Subversion


On 19th March 2013 Dr E S Williams (author of the excellent book ‘The New Calvinists: Changing the Gospel’) gave a very informative, enlightening and topical talk on how Satan has been continually seeking to subvert the truth of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In his talk he charts the impact upon the true Gospel of the likes of ‘Higher Criticism’, ‘New Evangelicalism’, ‘The Church Growth Movement’, ‘The Purpose Driven Movement’, ‘The Lausanne Movement’ and ‘The Emerging Church Movement’.

Dr Williams identifies key figures who have been involved in this sustained subversion – people like Norman Vincent Peale, Robert Schuller, Billy Graham, John Stott, Rick Warren, Tim Keller, and Mark Driscoll to name but some.

He also identifies a very important distinction between ‘old-fashioned evangelism’ and ‘modern-day evangelization’ – this occurs about the 31-32-minute mark.

I commend this presentation to you and you may view it on this link

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 18 October 2016



There is an interesting article that gives information on the background to what caused Martin Lloyd-Jones to eventually break fellowship with both J I Packer and John Stott because of their willingness to engage in unbiblical ecumenism with Roman Catholicism. The article can be accessed on

After the posting of this article to the ministry web site my attention was drawn to another helpful article that dealt not only with the split within ‘Evangelical Anglicanism’ but also examined the detrimental effect the ‘Charismatic Movement’ has had – it can be accessed on