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When Tolerance is Sin

[William MacDonald has been a fulltime Bible teacher for over 40 years. His writings include ‘God’s answers to Man’s questions’ and ‘The Believer’s Bible Commentary’. He has also served on the board of directors of ‘Good News For Catholics’ based in California]

Tolerance can be a virtue, but it can also betray an inexcusable weakness of character. We admire the person who tolerates differences where no great issue is at stake. He allows for a variety of preferences, methods and unimportant viewpoints. He would rather be killed for a sheep than for a lamb.

But there is another tolerance that is despicable. This is the willingness to remain silent when God’s name is blasphemed or when Christ is dishonoured. It is the treachery of silence when truth is on the scaffold. It is the unwillingness to speak out against evil. Tolerance that condones deceit and unrighteousness is sin.

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