President Zuma Prays for South Africans to be “Good” During the World Cup

SOUTH AFRICA UPDATE – Dispatches from a Darkening Corner of the Dark Continent – President Zuma Prays for South Africans to be “Good” During the World Cup

by Shaun Willcock

The purpose of these article sis to provide insightful comment on the contemporary South African and southern African scene from a Christian, “politically-incorrect” perspective, in order to counter the propaganda of the Reds, almost-Reds (liberals and others), religious Reds (“liberation theologians”), and all their fellow-travellers; and to encourage Christians to pray for the people of this beautiful but desperately needy part of the world, and especially for their Christian brethren living here; and to do what they can to assist them.

  • A Prayer of Desperation by South Africa’s President

President Jacob Zuma calls himself a Christian. His actions prove that he is not a true Christian at all; but like the vast majority of people in this country, of all races, he calls himself one. Professing to be Christians did not prevent him and thousands of other blacks becoming terrorists and carrying out a violent revolution against the State in order to come to power, but this is not surprising, given that SA’s mainline “churches” had been hijacked by the Marxists and radicalised to the point of justifying revolution in the name of Christ.

Well, in May Zuma attended a women’s prayer meeting held in a stadium in Sasolburg, and he prayed. And this is what he prayed: “In this time [i.e. the duration of the football World Cup], we need good South Africans. Let them just for four weeks be good. Just for four weeks.”

What an admission of the utter failure of his government to establish and maintain law and order in the land! As president, Zuma’s duty is to exercise the power of the “sword” against evildoers in the land (Romans 13:1-7), punishing the wicked and protecting the innocent. He and his cabinet are failing in this duty (see our previous articles on SA’s massive crime epidemic). And yet he pleads in prayer for his god (not the God of the Bible in truth, for he is a stranger to Him) to make South Africans “good” just for the duration of this football idol! It sounds like it is acceptable to stop being good afterwards! Or perhaps his god only has power to rein in the wickedness of the people for four weeks!

We can almost hear the fear in Zuma’s heart that despite all their assurances, the security forces may not, after all, be able to protect the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the country during the World Cup. Time will tell. And anyway, what nonsense to pray for South Africans to be “good” so that foreigners will be safe, when every single day, and year after year, the country’s own law-abiding citizens live in fear of their lives! – and all because the government is both unwilling and unable to clamp down on murderers, rapists, etc. But President Zuma isn’t concerned about that. “Only for four weeks!” It’s all about the country’s international image, not about the safety and welfare of the citizens he should be protecting on a daily basis.

And then, too, there’s the utter heresy of “churches” getting together for a prayer service to pray for divine blessing on a football extravaganza! Praying for the national team, “blessing” the stadia. It’s all such idolatry and it’s sickening to the heart of every true believer in Christ.

And Speaking of the World Cup…

On the eve of the football World Cup, South Africa, it would seem, has gone mad. So has much of the rest of the world. The game of football should be nothing more than a game, and in its proper place it is harmless and can be a pleasant recreation for those who like it. Unfortunately, for millions it is an idol. In addition, sadly, the World Cup has been politicised: South Africa is once again being “rewarded” for its transition from a conservative, anti-Communist country to a pro-Communist, ultra-liberal one in step with the United Nations and the New World Order. This sporting event is sending the message to the world that South Africa is a wonderful “Rainbow Nation”, stable and secure under its Marxist leaders, a harmonious paradise deserving of the world’s congratulations.

Of course, the facts tell a different story, and the ANC government has been unable to keep the truth about the country’s violent crime rate out of the world media. But it is not for want of trying. Of course, for all we know the World Cup will go off without any incident. For all we know, not a single foreign tourist will be harmed. And if all goes well the world will be even more convinced that South Africa is a safe, secure country for all. But it will be an illusion. If the World Cup goes off without a hitch, it will be because of the massive security presence, not only of South Africa’s police force and private security companies but also of the security forces of other countries being present as well. But when the foreigners all return home, South Africa will be worse off than before. Here’s why:

* The massive security presence for the event may just be enough to keep the foreign visitors safe. But South African citizens have to live with the threat of violent crime every single day of their lives. And when the World Cup is over, this country’s crime rate will continue as before. If there is no violent incident during the event and tourists are safe, remember that SA citizens have not been safe for many years before it, and they will not be safe afterwards.

* Hundreds of thousands of criminals, home-grown as well as those presently flooding into the country, are preparing for the rich rewards they hope to reap from the World Cup. Child kidnapping is on the increase, drug trafficking, prostitution, violent crime. Criminals regard this sporting event as a bonanza. And after it’s all over? Many, perhaps most, of these criminals from other countries will not return home. They will simply stay illegally in SA, joining the ranks of SA’s already vast criminal underworld to prey on the population like vultures for years to come.

* This may be the very last world event to focus the world’s attention on SA. The ANC government has to be on its best behaviour. But when SA falls off the world’s radar afterwards; when the tourists have all gone and no one cares about SA anymore; then what? This is what: this country’s wicked leaders will then be free to impose their Marxist will even more firmly on all aspects of life, and the world will not care. SA could so easily become just another failed African state, a dictatorship, collapsing into chaos, and the world will not care. When the eyes of the world are diverted elsewhere, the Marxists can do as they please.

No, the World Cup is not a blessing for South Africa. It is, in the long term, a huge tragedy. But the vast majority of people do not think long-term. They live for the short-term thrill, they cannot see beyond the hype and excitement and the supposed financial windfall (and even in this they will be disappointed, for it is not going to be the financial windfall so many think it will be).

Post-World Cup – that is what is of concern to thinking South Africans. The build-up, over the past few years, has meant that the ANC/Communist Party leadership of the country has had to behave itself – and even so the country has earned the reputation of being the most violent in the world outside of a war zone. How much worse, then, is it going to be once they no longer have to even try to behave for the world’s media and when a fickle world has already moved on to other matters?

June 2010

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