News From The Front – June 2002

Dear praying friends,

In Psalm 92:1 we read, “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord” and as this newsletter unfolds I hope you will join with us as we “give thanks unto the Lord”. We want to thank Him for overseeing the visit of our brother Roger Oakland in March [see p2-6] and we want to thank Him also for the thrilling developments in Louisiana [see p13-14]. As a couple we want to thank Him for His gracious and merciful dealings with us and also for His faithful provision as He has moved in the hearts of His people to support us here at “Take Heed”. Then in Luke 18:1 we read these words of the Lord Himself “Men ought always to pray and not to faint”. As you will read in the enclosed special notice we have sent a ‘creation video’ to every Member of Parliament [659 in total] at Westminster – please pray with us that God would touch the hearts and minds of these men and women who hold the reins of power [humanly speaking] in our nation. In the newsletter itself you will read a number of ‘Prayer Points’ [see p12] and again we would ask you to pray with us and for us. These past months have been for us personally both difficult and demanding for a number of reasons but our hands are still firmly “to the plough” [Luke 9:62] and as together we give thanks and offer prayer may we all know “the peace of God which passeth all understanding keeping our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” [Philippians 4:7].

Your servant for Christ



If ever a visit was providentially ordered then it was that of Roger Oakland. As you will know from the leaflet enclosure with our March newsletter Roger was here from 10-24 March and during that time he delivered 21 talks. The feedback has been positive and encouraging as the following extract from one email will demonstrate

 Dear Mr Andrews,

Just a short email to say how much I was blessed with the visit of Roger Oakland to the WORD Bible class last Saturday night. It was good to learn more about creation and to watch out for false teaching that can happen so easily…Thanks again and keep up the good work


Now why did I describe Roger’s visit as ‘providentially ordered’. Well whilst he was here a storm broke in England over the teaching of creation in a school in England. Eric Waugh first alerted me to it when I tuned in to Radio Ulster’s lunchtime ‘open-line’ programme called ‘Talkback’ on Monday 18 March and heard his report on the issue. This former TV ‘Industrial Correspondent’ and I believe lay-Methodist person ended his report by saying that those Christians who promote creation as being factual according to the Genesis account ‘do God a disservice’. I phoned the Radio station and told them of the presence of Roger in the Province and they were keen for Roger to come down next day to the Radio station to be interviewed by the programme anchorman, David Dunseith. This is a man who has in times past interviewed myself on a number of occasions and he is certainly not sympathetic to the Evangelical Christian point of view. Whilst I was waiting with Roger for him to go into the studio another man in the waiting room introduced himself to us as Tom McKee, secretary of a large teacher’s union. It turned out that he was also to be a party to Roger’s interview. Apparently the Radio station was going to focus exclusively on the English school situation rather than on the general topic of creation. Mr McKee asked if Roger had read a report in The Independent newspaper [19 March] – the heading to this article read

  • ‘Creationsim in schools leads to more bigotry’

and when we said ‘no’ he handed over an extra copy of the article which Roger was able to read before going to be interviewed. Only God could have ordered this advance preparation for Roger. Mr Dunseith sought to proceed along the lines of presenting creation as part of the ‘religious education’ curriculum but Roger took the line that those who believe in creation were simply asking for a fair hearing in the science class. He pointed out that evolution has to be believed every bit as much ‘by faith’ as has creation and therefore both beliefs concerning origins should equally be examined and tested in the science setting. Roger told how the former Soviet Union had for the past decade allowed this, for they had come to recognise that during the 70 years of communism, they had by the exclusive and unquestioned promotion of evolution been indoctrinating people rather than educating them. Mr McKee found this approach by Roger quite acceptable and so a very sane discussion took place. Mr Dunseith however could not leave it at that and so near the end of the interview he challenged Roger about his association with “Take Heed” claiming twice on air that “Take Heed” had sent him a lot of what he referred to as ‘bumph’ which in his view was amongst other things ‘anti-Catholic’. Roger kept his cool despite this provocation and stated that he had been invited to speak publicly on creation and nothing else. I contacted the producer of the programme and asked for a correction to be aired informing listeners that “Take Heed” had not sent the ‘bumph’ material referred to by Mr Dunseith and that in fact it had been downloaded by a programme researcher who had been directed to our web site for the express purpose of obtaining advance information on Roger Oakland. I also pointed out that the articles were not ‘anti-Catholic’ but ‘anti-Catholicism’. The producer claimed they were one and the same – they are not. [So-called loyalists who murder people because they are Roman Catholic are ‘anti-Catholic’ but to challenge Roman Catholic beliefs as we do is simply to be ‘anti-Catholicism’.] Very reluctantly the producer eventually agreed to a ‘correction’ being broadcast and we also agreed what should be said. The ‘correction’ went out on Thursday 21 March and of course it was not as we had agreed [they crucially omitted that we had directed them to the web site in order to obtain background information on Roger].

Returning to the controversy in England the various newspaper articles formed an integral part of Roger’s presentations and served to show that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” [Ephesians 6:12]. The school at the heart of the controversy is Emmanuel College in Gateshead. In The Independent newspaper report given to Roger by Mr McKee we read ‘Last week scientists, philosophers and church leaders condemned Emmanuel City Technology College in Gateshead for promoting creationism – the theory based on the biblical description of how God made the world in six days’.

Yes, the list of critics included ‘church leaders’. An article in The Observer [17 March] included the following ‘Historians of science note how quickly the Late Victorian Christian public accepted evolution’ Dr Richard Harries, the Bishop of Oxford said on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day ‘It is therefore quite extraordinary that 140 years later, after so much evidence has accumulated, a school in Gateshead is opposing evolutionary theory on alleged biblical grounds. Do some people really think that the worldwide scientific community is engaged in a massive conspiracy to hoodwink the rest of us’?

The ‘National Secular Society’ weighed in with this comment from their Executive Director, Keith Porteous, recorded in The Independent ‘Creationism is anti-science and it is an abuse of children’s burgeoning intellect to teach them it is as credible as evolution’. The author of The Independent article [Sarah Cassidy] added ‘Senior staff have delivered a series of lectures giving teachers tips on how to encourage students to question the theory of evolution’.

In The Daily Telegraph [18 March] there was an article written by Richard Dawkins FRS described as ‘Oxford’s Charles Simonyi Professor of the Public Understanding of Science’. The heading for the article was as follows

‘Young Earth Creationsts teach bad science and worse religion’

Mr Dawkins proceeded to categorise people on this issue into 3 groups.

1.Young Earth Creationists.

They believe the world is only thousands of years old based on a literal reading of Genesis (or the Koran or whatever is their holy book)

2. Old Earth Theists.

Theirs is a broad church, embracing the great majority of educated religious people. They believe in a Divine Creator but they read their creation myth allegorically rather than literally and accept that the world is billions of years old…Many think evolution was God’s ingenious way of accomplishing his creation

3. Atheists and Agnostics’.

Commenting on these groups Mr Dawkins wrote ‘Within the broad middle group you’ll find the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Oxford (who gave an admirable Thought for the Day on the subject) and I would guess most of the bishops and clergy of the Roman and Anglican churches…I count myself in the third group…On the Gateshead issue, scientists and theologians bishops and atheists stand shoulder to shoulder…With hindsight it might have been better if those of us in Group Three had kept our big mouths shut and left it to the bishops. They have more to lose than we have and are less vulnerable to prejudiced and perverse misunderstanding’.

In stark contrast to these aggressive, attacking articles was an article written by Melanie Phillips in The Daily Mail [15 March]. She wrote ‘This row should cause intense concern to anyone who cares about liberal values and freedom of thought in our schools. For this is a direct attempt by secularists to teach only what they deem to be an approved set of beliefs [as happened in the former Soviet Union]…The attack on Emmanuel reveals an alarming intolerance…There are proposals from some science teachers that creationism might be included for discussion in science classes but no decision has yet been taken. What is wrong with any of that? It is all well within the requirements of the National Curriculum. It is said that taxpayers’ money should not be spent on teaching creationism because that runs contrary to scientific fact. But evolution is not a fact. It is a theory with holes in it…Evolution…does not explain human self-consciousness …altruism…how existence began. Scientists such as Dawkins say such questions are unanswerable and therefore should not be asked. But this attitude is not only the height of arrogance…it…helps explain why so many of our young people are unable to think for themselves…It helps explain why when anyone dares challenge this scientism-based consensus, they are ridiculed, abused and all but run out of town…religion has become the great unmentionable in our society. In intellectual, political or media circles, a religious handle is enough to label one as a bigot or fruitcake. Instead secularism now arrogantly presents itself as if it were a religion. It is this overweening and ugly liberalism that is now putting an excellent school on the rack’.

Let me remind you again of the heading of The Independent article

  • ‘Creationsim in schools leads to more bigotry’

I would venture to suggest that there is a truth in this heading when one reads the critical comments of those opposed to Creationsim.

In the wake of Roger Oakland’s visit we have the following materials by Roger available for purchase from “Take Heed”.

  • ‘Creation v Evolution’ – Price £2.50
  • ‘Let There Be Light’ [Roger’s testimony] – Price £5.50
  • ‘The Evidence For Creation’ – Price £5.50
  • ‘A Question of Origins’ – Price £12.00
  • ‘Evolution – The impact on Society’s morals & behaviour’ – Price £11.00

All prices include p&p


On page 5 I referred to the Daily Telegraph article of 18 March written by staunch evolutionist Richard Dawkins. In his article Mr Dawkins referred to a category of people under the title of ‘Old Earth Theists’. He spoke of such people as being ‘the great majority of educated religious people’ and he numbered amongst them The Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Oxford. Another title ascribed to people who hold such views is that of ‘Theistic Evolutionists’.

In his book ‘The Lie’, Ken Ham wrote [p 41] ‘Evolution has been popularised and presented as scientific truth, and many Christians have added evolutionary belief to their Biblical belief in God as Creator. Thus while many Christians acknowledge that God created, they believe He used the process of evolution to bring all things into being. This is usually called “theistic evolution”’. John C Whitcomb in his book ‘The Early Earth’ wrote [p 118] ‘a number of Christian men of science [and…theologians] have adopted the view that Adam’s body was simply that of some animal which had providentially been evolved into a biped through millions of years of gradual changes until God put within it an eternal soul several thousand years ago’.

So, according to these ‘theistic evolutionists’ it was by a natural process, happening over millions of years, that God eventually produced a human body suitable for the use men and women whilst they were to live here on earth. Christians of course look forward to spending eternity with Christ in a totally new environment [see Revelation 21:1-5]. When eternity is ushered in, the dead will “be raised” and those still alive will “be changed” and Paul explains that all will receive a “spiritual body” that will be free from “corruption”. We read of this glorious Christian hope in 1 Corinthians 15:35-58. In verse 52, Paul tells us how long it will take God to make this transformation – “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye”.

My question to ‘theistic evolutionists’ is this. Can you tell me what process will God use to create our new “spiritual body” and how long will “in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye” be according to your understanding?


In the ‘Banner of the Truth in Ireland’ magazine [Spring 2002] issued by The Society for Irish Church Missions there was a most enlightening article on YOGA written by my brother in Christ, former Moonie, Noel Deane who works for ICM in Dublin and with his kind permission I am going to reproduce part of his article. After giving some helpful information on the background and aims of YOGA Noel wrote –

‘I read with sadness in the May 2001 issue of the Church Review a review of a book that was promoting Hatha YogA. That same month I read a longer review of the same book in a magazine that promotes YOGA called ‘YOGA & HEALTH’. The book reviewed was called ‘Hatha Yoga. – BREATH BY BREATH’ written by Godfrey Devereux [published by Thorsons] and the following is part of what was said about it in YOGA & HEALTH [May 2001 issue, pages 29-32]

‘Yoga is not a physical fitness system. It is not a religion, a cult, a New Age fad. It requires no strange beliefs, no blind faith. There is no need for penance, confession, humiliation or self-denial. It is not a way of life with a predetermined set of values and conventions. You do not need to burn incense or wear prayer beads. You do not need to give up onions, meat, tobacco, alcohol, sex or money. Hatha Yoga is a spiritual practice. It is a means of clarifying that which is and expressing it directly, fully and harmoniously. It is then, both a science and an art. There is rigour, objectivity and revelation in its method. There is harmony, beauty and inspiration in its expression’.

It all sounds breathtakingly benign, but can we believe what we have just read about YOGA or is there a more sinister reality? Noel submitted the statement to the CLASSICAL YOGA HINDU ACADEMY and asked for their comments, which are reproduced in the following table, and from their assessment you will clearly discover the real truth about YOGA.


Yoga is not a physical fitness system  –  There is definitely physical fitness involved – this is a primary focus in Hatha Yoga

It is not a religion, cult, a New Age fad – It most definitely is a religion, the religion of Hinduism and there are cultic aspects in the sense of ‘intense devotion’ to a particular Deity and Guru

It requires no strange beliefs, no blind faith. There is no need for penance, confession, humiliation or self-denial – The “soul” purpose of all aspects of yoga is to transcend the self which does require penance, confession, humility and self-denial

It is not a way of life with a predetermined set of values and conventions – It most definitely is a way of life; ie, the Dharma or spiritual lifestyle of Sanatan Dharma/Hinduism

You do not need to burn incense or wear prayer beads. You do not need to give up onions, meat, tobacco, alcohol, sex or money – These blind assertions are too absurd to even comment

Hatha Yoga is a spiritual practice. It is a means of clarifying that which is and expressing it directly, fully and harmoniously. It is then both a science and an art. There is rigour, objectivity and revelation in its method. There is harmony, beauty and inspiration in its expression – What he has just described (without realising it) Is the profound wisdom of living a spiritual/religious lifestyle and in this case Hinduism

  • ‘ALPHA’ ALERT’ [2]

In our June 2001 newsletter I carried details of the following book –

  • by Elizabeth McDonald

(This is a new assessment of ‘ALPHA’ by the author of the popular and helpful booklet ‘Alpha – New Life or New Lifestyle’.)

This is just to advise you that a new, expanded and updated edition of this book has been published and it includes an enlightening, 20 page Appendix [B], which examines in depth a number of areas of crucial importance and how the views and teachings of Nicky Gumbel do or do not ‘square up’ to them.

This new edition is available from us for £4.50 [includes p&p]

  • Killyleagh’s Ecumenical ALPHA Initiative

The Mourne Observer newspaper [27 March] carried details of a planned ALPHA initiative to be held during April & May in the local Roman Catholic St Mary’s Primary School. Pictured holding a copy of Alpha News were Roman Catholic priest ‘Fr’ Paul Strain, Church of Ireland Minister Jerome Munyangaju and the two Presbyterian Ministers, Norman Cameron & David McIlwrath. ‘Fr’ strain was quoted as saying ‘Hopefully this will engender a bit of buzz and raise the spirit of the Christian community here’. Mr Munyangaju said ‘People from different backgrounds may hear perhaps for the first time the Gospel presented in a way that is relevant to them’ [Comment – which ‘gospel’ – that of Sovereign Spirit conviction and conversion or that of baptismal regeneration?]. Mr McIlwrath commented ‘It is significant that the Killyleagh Alpha initiative is taking place after Easter. Easter is God’s springtime, the miracle of new life and resurrection’ [Comment – which ‘Easter’ – the one finished according to the Bible almost 2000 years ago or the one perpetuated daily on Roman Catholic altars?]. Mr Cameron commented ‘This course has been used over the past 10 years to help thousands of people understand the Christian faith and what it means to follow Jesus Christ today’ [Comment – which ‘Jesus’ – the One seated in Heaven who “dieth no more” (Romans 6:9) or the one that is supposedly transubstantiated and continues to die on Roman Catholic altars?]

  • Vancouver’s Ecumenical ALPHA Initiative

In the March 1999 issue of NEWS FROM THE FRONT I published an item called ‘After Alpha’. It was basically a book review written by Tony Hutter that had been published in the January 1999 edition of Evangelical Times. It looked at a book written by Michael Green and was laced with many revealing quotes from Mr Green’s book ‘After Alpha’. One quote [from page 191], was ‘Another matter you should consider is the question of charismatic gifts. A third of all Christians, from Roman Catholics to Pentecostals, have the gift of tongues’ and Mr Green added [page 192] ‘The view that these gifts have died out is sheer moonshine and betrays culpable ignorance’. These quotes lay the foundation for what was published in the most recent edition [March-June 2002] of ALPHA NEWS. Pages 6 & 7 are devoted to an article headed ‘Let’s be committed to mission’ and we read at the start of this particular article

‘In his new autobiography, Adventure of Faith, MICHAEL GREEN, Advisor in Evangelism to the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, writes about the critical importance of evangelism in the life of the local church and praises the Alpha course. Here are some extracts, reprinted with permission’.

From quotes above you will see that as far as Mr Green is concerned, claimed ‘charismatic gifting’ and ‘gift operation’ seals the reality of a person’s profession to be a Christian, in spite of any serious, salvific doctrinal errors that they may hold to [as in the case of Roman Catholics]. This is a classic example of ‘experience’ over-riding ‘doctrine’ and its folly is clearly seen in this ‘extract’ from Mr Green’s book printed on page 6 of ALPHA NEWS.

‘A fascinating event in Vancouver’

‘The charismatic movement has had a great deal to do with the tendency towards transdenominational fellowship. I write this having recently returned from a fascinating, 1600-strong Alpha conference in Vancouver. Guess who put it on? The Catholic Archbishop. Maybe 60 per cent of the delegates were Roman Catholics and various types of Protestant. The fellowship was marvellous, as people entered into the spiritual gifts, joined in informal prayer and praise and manifested love for one another across the yawning historical gaps that once would have divided them. Surely this is part of the renewing work of God the Holy Spirit who is given such a prominent part in the Alpha programme’.

  • ‘Do Gypsies Speak in Tongues and Perform Miracles?’
  • by Gary Nixon

In recent years during a number of ministry trips to England it has been my joy and privilege to stay at the home of Gary Nixon and his family. Over these recent years Gary and his loved ones have had to face up to times of difficulty and testing as the Lord has graciously revealed more of Himself and His truth to them. This has led them to the point of having to make some hard decisions in relation to what they believe and also to deal with the consequences that subsequently flowed from their obedience to God’s revealed truth. In the light of the previous article and in particular the emphasis that was placed upon ‘experience’ rather than upon ‘doctrine’ this is both a helpful and timely publication. Gary is able to write in a very ‘down to earth’ style – as I read portions I could almost hear his voice coming through the printed page. Noticeable throughout this book is Gary’s deep and passionate love for those who still hold to beliefs and practices that Gary once held to and exercised – beliefs and practices that he now knows were sadly cruel but clever deceptions. Peter Glover of the Christian Research Network wrote in his review

‘Gary Nixon has brought a breath of fresh air to the troubled matters of the modern speaking of tongues and the performing of miracles in the NT church…Get a copy of this fascinating book if you can!’

Gary Nixon’s book can be obtained from us

Price £5.50 [includes postage etc]


In our December 2001 newsletter I asked for prayer for Frank Eberhardt and his family. Since then, Frank’s sister, Doreen [a converted nun who along with Frank and others appeared in the video ‘Catholicism – Crisis of Faith’] has gone to be with the Lord – this was not the ‘matter for prayer’ that was alluded to in our newsletter – that concern is still with Frank and his family so do please continue to remember them before the Throne of Grace. Also I would ask for prayer for Margaret [especially] and myself as we mourn the loss of Margaret’s Uncle who came to live with us following the death of ‘mum’ Andrews but who also died in late April.

  • ‘Good tidings of great joy’ In Louisiana

Following our ministry trip to the USA in March/April 1999 I included a report in our June 1999 NEWS FROM THE FRONT of how the two conferences went that I spoke at [in Texas and Louisiana]. Concerning our time in Louisiana this is part of what I wrote

This conference was held in the home of a deacon of Bayou Du Large Baptist Church – a home specially adapted to serve as a sanctuary and here’s why. When ECT was signed in 1994, 2 of the ‘evangelical’ signers were high-ranking officials in the Southern Baptist Convention. Bayou Du Large, comprised mostly of ex Roman Catholics and Episcopalians was a mission church within SBC. Because they challenged those within SBC who signed the document, the ‘mother’ church in Houma sacked Jerry Moser and banned the fellowship from using a building [opened in 1994], which the fellowship itself had put up and paid for.


Since then Pastor Jerry and I have kept in contact and at the end of last year [30/12/01] I sent Jerry an email and this is part of what I said – ‘Just a wish from Margaret and myself that you will all have a truly blessed 2002 [DV] and who knows (well of course He knows) perhaps this will be the year of your return to your building – we’ll be praying to that end’.

Now I don’t claim to be a ‘prophet’ or even the son of a ‘prophet’ but it was with great joy that I received an email [30/3/02] from Pastor Jerry headed ‘Cautious but Optimistic’. In this email Jerry reported that meetings had taken place with the ‘mother’ church [Christ Baptist Church in Houma] and in his own words he reported as follows – ‘After all had time to express their thoughts, the pastor of CBC said that it was their wish to have a joint meeting of both congregations for the expression of mutual repentance, fellowship, and the official signing over of the title to our building and property’ and he went on to say ‘Within the next few days, we will enter our building for the first time since March, 1995. We probably will not meet inside the building until we have had time to check out any damage that may have occurred, maintenance the air conditioning units, clean carpets, etc’. In a further email [5/4/02] Jerry reported ‘We are all amazed and thankful to the Lord that the inside of the building seems to have sustained little damage from being closed up for so long. There have been a few leaks that have damaged sheetrock, paint, etc. The floors and carpet need to be cleaned and several varmints need to be eliminated (just a few church mice). But there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. We will need to replank the wooden ramp and stairs to the main entrance. The rear stairway had completely fallen apart and was removed a few years back, so that will have to be rebuilt before we can again meet in the building…Our folks will be working hard to get repairs done inside and to the entrances/exits so that we can again meet in the building within a few weeks. Christ Baptist Church had purchased the property we had been leasing adjacent to our building. This property is essential for parking as required by the Fire Marshal. They have offered to sell us this property for $9,000.00. We are rejoicing for the way things are headed. Our contacts with members of Christ Baptist Church have been positive. It looks like our association will again recognize us in fellowship. The prospect of experiencing a healing of many of our damaged relationships with other Christians and churches is a miracle in the making’.

I just want to thank all who have over the recent years prayed that Pastor Jerry and his ‘flock’ might have their building restored to them. In reply to Jerry when I received his news I simply quoted to him the following scripture [not I might say with any feeling of triumphalism] but out of sheer gratitude to Almighty God “them who honour me I will honour” [1 Samuel 2:30]. Jerry himself was moved to quote Psalm 27:13-14 “I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart. Wait, I say on the Lord”. A new chapter in the life of this faithful fellowship is about to begin and I would ask you to pray that these developments will bring glory to God and an extension to His Kingdom in that part of the world.

(As you will read in the enclosed ‘CREATION APPEAL’ letter, in the event of there being any surplus funds, some will be sent to help Pastor Jerry and his flock with the expenses to refurbish and to provide the car park).

  • SCRIPTURE GIFT MISSION ‘not an evangelical mission’

In March, the Irish Council Members of Scripture Gift Mission International issued a circular to the effect that as from 31st March 2002 the Irish Advisory Council would cease to exist and that the Belfast Office of the organisation would from that date report to the Headquarters of SGM in London. The circular went on to explain why the Irish Council Members had taken such drastic action and it makes sad reading indeed.

In 2001 the International Council of SGM had appointed as a Member of Council a gentleman who is an active member of the Roman Catholic Church. Rightly the Irish Council judged this to be a breach of the Declaration of Faith of SGM, which states, according to the circular, in paragraph 1 of the Declaration that Scripture is the ‘supreme authority’ and the ‘one rule of faith and final court of appeal’. No honest and faithful Roman Catholic should in conscience subscribe to such a ‘Declaration’. An Irish delegation went to London in the autumn to meet with members of the International Council to voice their concerns. However they were informed according to the circular that ‘SGM is a Trinitarian organisation and not an evangelical mission’. I’m sure this part about not being an evangelical mission will come as a great shock to many who have both used and supported SGM over the years.

Presumably the affirmation that it is a ‘Trinitarian organisation’ is somehow meant to justify the appointment of the Roman Catholic to the International Council on the supposed basis that Rome is likewise ‘Trinitarian’. Is that the case? Well just briefly let me point out that the ‘God the Father’ of Rome apparently is propitiated by the daily offering of unbloody sacrifices during Mass on Roman Catholic altars and these apparently are effective for the sins of both living and dead people. The ‘God the Son’ of Rome, we are told, literally allows himself to be made present, when words of consecration are spoken by sin-pardoning, sacrifice-offering priests, in bread and wine and continues to be immolated [killed] on Roman Catholic altars by these same priests, even though Paul tells us in Romans 6:9 “that Christ being raised from the dead, dieth no more”. Then ‘God the Holy Spirit’ of Rome automatically operates at the beck and call of these priests to regenerate people in water baptism and to transubstantiate bread and wine during Mass into the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Apparently this holy spirit is subject to Rome’s law of ‘Ex opere operato’ defined in their Pocket Catholic Dictionary as ‘Literally the expression means “from the work performed”…every sacrament properly administered confers the grace intended by the sacrament. In a true sense the sacraments are instrumental causes of grace’ – so much for the Sovereignty of God the Holy Spirit referred to by the Lord in John 3:8 when He said “the wind bloweth where it listeth [willeth]…so is every one that is born of the Spirit”. In short, the Roman Catholic trinity is not the Biblical Trinity. As for SGM not being an ‘evangelical mission’ just consider these listings for the Internet

Scripture Gift Mission – Key Statistics Total Income £2.29m Total Funds £0.97m Scripture Gift Mission Address: Radstock House 3 Eccleston Street London SW1W 9LZ Aims: To produce booklets and leaflets in the words of the Bible for world-wide evangelism Tel: 020 7730 2155

Global Connections : the UK evangelical Christian network for world mission – Global Connections is the evangelical network for world mission. We exist to network, resource and represent world mission in and from the UK.

 When this 2nd ‘evangelical’ site is visited we find listed as a Council Member is Mr Hugh Davies of SCRIPTURE GIFT MISSION and listed in the Directory of Members is SCRIPTURE GIFT MISSION. If SGM is going to be consistent that it is not an ‘evangelical mission’ then they will need to change the description for their own Internet web site listing and also withdraw from the ‘Global Connections’ web site which is an ‘evangelical Christian network for world mission’. Sadly SGM has followed the ecumenical footsteps of ‘Scripture Union – Republic of Ireland’ in its view of Romanism and in consequence no longer warrants evangelical support.