During the period of the COVID-19 ‘lockdown’ months I experienced a
significant surge via Facebook of ‘friend’ requests.

For those that were accepted by me I sent a message outlining how they
could ‘NAVIGATE;’ the resources available on the ‘Take Heed’ Ministries
Web and YouTube sites.

This proved to be both popular and helpful and so in this short article I will
show what was sent to the new Facebook ‘friends’ and I hope it will prove
helpful to anyone trying to utilise the ‘Take Heed’ Web and YouTube resources.

This was the text of the message sent –


In recent weeks I have received and accepted quite a number of ‘Facebook friend’ requests – around xxx+ since the beginning of April – some from folks I knew but mostly from folks I didn’t know.

Because of the latter I thought I should post some details of the resources available in relation to my ‘Take Heed’ Ministries ministry.

The ministry has a YouTube site with a reasonably large selection of videos and audios dealing with quite a wide range of topics. The main details are to be found on this link –


There are some additional resources to be found on this next link starting and then on down from the heading ‘Cecil answers questions on Roman Catholicism’


Then the ministry web site and Homepage detailing a series of articles titled ‘Current Concerns’ can be accessed on

Over the years of the ministry a VERY large selection of articles has been penned and posted and there are THREE INDEXES that should prove helpful in navigating your way around the web site. These are located on –


Earlier this year, in the providence of God, the ministry was able to arrange for the reprinting of 5,000 copies of my tract ‘Dear Muslim neighbour’ – supplies of these (large or small) are available FREE on request to any who feel they could use them in outreach to Muslims. Full details of the tract and how to request them from me can be found in the article on this link –


I hope all these details are helpful.

Warmly in Christ


Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 24th August 2020