Behind the Arab Revolutions by Shaun Willcock

What is behind the Arab revolutions that have been occurring throughout the Middle East? If you haven’t done so already, we suggest you read our previous article on this topic: The Arab World Explodes (But It Has Nothing to Do with Democracy), available on our website.

These revolutions truly have NOTHING to do with “democracy”! “The concept of western-style democracy in the region is laughable, and has virtually no historical precedent, except in Israel. So, when the governments of the US, UK, and EU demand democracy in Egypt, it is the ultimate in hypocrisy and a gross ignorance of history…. Even a cursory review of Middle East history – for, say, the past 2000 years – will show that democracy is a concept that is completely foreign to the Middle East (because of the mindset of the people). It will not work and has never worked there – just as it has never worked in most of Africa.”1

Nor are these revolutions spontaneous! They have been deliberately, calculatingly planned, and their outworking is all according to a predetermined script. What forces, then, are at work behind the scenes, orchestrating and controlling these violent revolutions? The goons being used are for the most part radical Muslims of the Shi’ite sect, backed in particular from Shi’ite-ruled Iran. Iran wants to ignite a Shi’ite conflagration across the Arab world that will engulf all Arab governments which are allies of the hated West. But behind the scenes, unknown to most of the world let alone to the Arabs themselves, far more powerful forces are at work, and towards very specific objectives.

These sinister hidden forces we can term the internationalists, or the One-Worlders. There are various powerful organisations which form the intricate network of One-World internationalist organisations. To name just a few, the Council on Foreign Relations (Added by Cecil – Rick Warren is a member of this USA organisation. There’s an interesting article that should be read with biblical discernment and caution on – ), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers. All of these, and many more, fall under what we could call the umbrella movement known as the Illuminati.

But at this point most writers and researchers on these subjects come to a halt. They think that with the Illuminati they have reached the pinnacle of secretive world power. In this they are very mistaken. As I show in my book, “Holy War” Against South Africa, behind all these forces – behind even the Illuminati itself – stands the Vatican, and in particular its Jesuit Order. As I wrote: “That there are powerful forces working for world domination – Communistic, Masonic, Islamic, etc. – many researchers have realised. And details about the plans of these conspirators have been published from time to time. All too often, however, researchers, having unearthed many solid facts about these institutions, religious systems, and ideologies, fail to take into account the biblical and historical reality that there is a religio-political system with its headquarters in Rome, far more powerful than all the others, and often pulling the strings behind the scenes in ways not even perceived.

Regrettably, a large number of professing Christians are either ignorant of, or deliberately ignore, this biblical and historical reality. When seeking to view world events from a sound biblical and historical perspective, believers must keep in mind that ‘all roads lead to Rome.’ In his prophetic Word, the Lord has clearly drawn the attention of his people to one institution: and that is the Roman Catholic institution…. Other religious and political systems, as well as various individuals, have had, and have now, plans for world domination; but the Lord has told us where the real heart of all conspiracy lies, and it is sinful to neglect the revelation of his Word. This is not to say that other systems are not a great threat to the Church of Christ: many of them are, and for this reason must be warned against.

But to understand the source, the real centre, of intrigue and conspiracy, we must look to Rome. The Holy Spirit has said, in effect – ‘There! Look to the city on seven hills (Rev. 17:9)! There is the great deceiver of the nations (Rev. 17:2)! There is the source of political and economic and (above all) religious woe (Rev. 18:3,4,5)!’”2

The Illuminati has been under the control of Rome’s Jesuit Order from a very early date.3 And its goal is world domination: through politics, economics, religion, etc. It uses many front organisations to achieve this long-range objective. The desire is for a united world, a united global economy and government. And so, as you read this article and learn something of the One-Worlders’ plans in the Middle East, keep in mind, always, that behind these organisations, even unknown to most of them, stands the Jesuit Order of Rome.

The first step towards achieving their goal of a single world government is the creation of regional governments across the world. And within each regional government, each country loses its national sovereignty. Much has already been achieved in fulfilment of their plans, which are centuries old. They have, for example, pretty much united Europe as one bloc – the European Union.

They are well on the way towards uniting the United States, Canada and Mexico as the North American Union. They are well on their way towards uniting the African countries, via the African Union. And the same is true of Asia, and of Australasia, and other parts of the world too.

But the Middle East! The Middle East presents them with a huge headache. The internationalists know that the Middle East needs a good kickstart to force its nations into the One World Order that they are creating.

Within this region, some Islamic strongmen have resisted the push for a regional government, and for integration into the World Order. And if, for whatever reasons of their own, they resist the internationalists’ plans, they are targeted for removal from power. And although a major objective of the internationalists is to divide the world up into a handful of regional governments, leading to a fully-fledged world government, it is not only for power that they are doing this, but for money. Ah, truly the Bible says, “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Tim. 6:10). For this reason, if you want to know why something is happening in the world, “follow the money” is always sound advice.

The world banking system is almost completely in the hands of a few elite One-Worlders operating in the shadowy world behind the scenes, members of the Illuminati. At the very pinnacle of this complex world banking system is the House of Rothschild. They and their associates own most of the shares in the world’s central banks – and most of these central banks which pretend to be government banks are in fact privately-owned.

The economies of such Middle Eastern countries as Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, and Algeria (note: most of these have been at the centre of the recent revolutions) have in fact been controlled by the Rothschild’s central banks, and their International Monetary Fund.

But in recent years, Islamic banks in these countries have been eroding much of the profits of the Illuminati banking establishments. Reason: Islamic banks are forbidden by Islamic law from charging interest. Worldwide, these banks have been growing in popularity among Muslim populations. They’re even being increasingly used by non-Muslims. “African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Sudan are keen on future sukuk exercises [issuing Islamic bonds]”, said the International Finance Review.

“Gambia debuted with a US $166m sukuk deal, privately sold in the US in 2006.”4 “Rising oil wealth is lifting Islamic banking – which adheres to the laws of the Koran and its prohibition against charging interest – into the financial mainstream,” wrote the New York Times on November 22, 2007. “In addition to Islamic loans, there are Islamic bonds, Islamic credit cards… Loans and bonds that conform to the Koran are already available in the United States…. ‘This is an industry on its way from a niche industry to becoming a truly global industry,’ said Khawaja Mohammad Salman Younis, the managing director for operations in Malaysia for Kuwait Finance House,

The world’s second-largest Islamic bank. ‘In the next three to five years you’ll see Islamic banks coming out in Australia, China, Japan and other parts of the world.’…. And while the biggest Islamic banks are in the wealthy Gulf states, the most attractive potential markets are in Turkey and North Africa and among European Muslims.”5

“As big Western financial institutions have teetered one after the other in the crisis of recent weeks,” wrote the Washington Post on October 31, 2008, “another financial sector is gaining new confidence: Islamic banking. Proponents of the ancient practice… have been promoting Islamic finance as a cure for the global financial meltdown.”6 In 2008, the French finance minister announced France’s intention of making Paris “the capital of Islamic finance”, and said that a number of Islamic banks would open Paris branches the following year. And in Switzerland, where a number of Islamic banks were opened, the managing director of Swiss asset management firm Encore Management characterised the banks’ opening as “the race to control the rich prize: which today is worth hundreds of billions, but in the future will be trillions of dollars of Islamic wealth.”7

In the light of facts like these, it is no wonder that the powerful Illuminati banking establishment would desire the collapse of these Islamic banks in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt. And so, with vast money at their disposal, the Illuminati bankers could bankroll the Middle East Arab revolutions from behind the scenes, with the cannon fodder in the front lines being none the wiser. Doubtless it would be their plan to install puppet regimes in these Arabic states, subservient to the Illuminati.

The Rothschilds’ International Crisis Group may be co-ordinating these Arab revolutions behind the scenes – and Mohamed El Baradei, touted as a possible leader for Egypt in the wake of Mubarak’s fall, just happens to be a trustee of the International Crisis Group! Dr D.K. Bolton wrote in Foreign Policy Journal, January 19, 2011: “NED [National Endowment for Democracy] and [billionaire George] Soros work in tandem, targeting the same regimes and using the same methods…. At least ten of the twenty-two directors of NED are also members of the plutocratic think tank, the Council on Foreign Relations”. The Council on Foreign Relations, often referred to as “America’s secret government”, is the American equivalent of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Britain; and both organisations are branches within the umbrella Illuminati system.

Also, revolutionaries from Otpor in Serbia said that publications and training which they received from the US-based Albert Einstein Institution staff were instrumental in forming their strategies some years ago in the Serbian revolution. The Albert Einstein Institution is funded by the Soros Foundation – and a number of protest organisers on the streets of Egypt during the recent Egyptian uprising were wearing Otpor T-shirts! These T-shirts were given out by Otpor at training sessions.8

Another significant detail, from the Freedom House website: Freedom House, which is funded by George Soros and the Middle Eastern Partnership Initiative (MEPI), ran a programme back in 2007-8 which supported young activists working for political change in the Middle East and North Africa. They met at the time with then U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, and in 2009 with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in Washington, D.C., as well as with U.S. government officials, members of the U.S. Congress, and think tanks. And then (surprise, surprise!) they returned to Egypt and received grants to implement initiatives such as “advocating for political reform through Facebook and SMS messaging”!

Everyone knows what a huge part such social networking activities played in the Middle East revolutions in Egypt and elsewhere in recent months! In fact, Facebook and Twitter were the primary means of organising the Egyptian revolution. As still further evidence, also from the Freedom House website: “From February 27 to March 13 [2010], Freedom House hosted 11 bloggers from the Middle East and North Africa for a two-week Advanced New Media Study Tour in Washington, D.C.”

But even that’s not all: in 2010, George Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI) funded a grant which was described this way on the Open Society Institute’s website: “Ethiopia and Egypt have been the current focus of the research programme: the OSI funding will allow the project to be expanded to include: Uganda, Zimbabwe, Tunisia, Eritrea and Rwanda… it is hoped that it will contribute to the understanding of the new media in Africa and its links to democratization.” What’s more, the National Endowment for Democracy gave various grants in 2010 to the training of youth activists in Tunisia and Egypt.

It is very clear, then, that the Middle East revolutions were not spontaneous at all, but were well planned, and well financed, by internationalists in the West for their own sinister objectives. In the shadowy world of international intrigue, seemingly disparate strands often tie together at the top, unseen by the world at large. So there are the twin objectives of power and money driving the internationalists to stir up the revolutions in the Middle East. They always go hand in hand. They want a world government, and they want to control the world’s finance.

And behind even the Illuminati internationalists stands the Vatican! For the Jesuit Order was deeply involved in the establishment of the Illuminati, and has had its secretive fingers in it ever since, pulling the strings. And all to what purpose? The extension of Vatican power across the globe. The Roman Catholic institution, after all, is “Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth” (Rev. 17:5), and all roads lead to Rome, even when we are unable to discern them all.

And now we arrive at the Obama Administration, which is using the U.S. military to play the part of the world’s bully boy on behalf of the internationalists, driving the Arab states in the direction desired by the One-Worlders. “In other words, behind the fall of pro-west Arab governments is alleged democracy protests, led by college aged kids, just like most progressive protests in the US and Europe. Behind those protesters in the Middle East stands an Islamic terror organization ready to seize political power… and behind those terror organizations, we find the individuals named above [the Clintons, Obama, Ayers, Dohrn, Piven, Brzezinski, Soros and Co., etc.], all of whom were behind the election of Barack Hussein Obama in the United States.

International Marxists behind the Obama Administration are also behind the Middle East meltdown.”9 The internationalist conspirators behind the scenes need the muscle of the United States to achieve their goals. This is why American soldiers have been dying in various parts of the world, fighting for causes which have nothing to do with American security but everything to do with America being the bully boy carrying out the internationalists’ plans. Either Americansupported uprisings bring down the country’s leader, or American troops go in and do the job militarily (using some excuse or other), and essentially, once the leader has been removed, America takes “strategic possession” of the country.

Pro-Western Arab governments are being rejected by the United States as it gives its support to anti-Western, radical Islamist madmen bent on destroying not only the pro-Western Arab states, but the West itself! Does it sound crazy? It sure does…but it’s true all the same. What we are seeing in the Middle East today is like an action replay of 1979, when the United States turned against its ally, the Shah of Iran, and a revolution in the streets swept the radical Ayatollah Khomeini to power. The liberal western media at the time spoke of “democracy” coming to Iran. It was all a farce, a lie, and Iran still suffers under that brutal regime to this day.

When the Shah was forced from power by the U.S. government and fled into exile, he wrote his autobiography, The Shah’s Story. In it, he showed how he had been betrayed by the U.S., and how the U.S. had helped to install the radical fanatic, Ayatollah Khomeini, in power.

At the very same time, in Nicaragua, the U.S. cut off its support to the government of President Somoza, who was engaged in fighting the Sandinista Communist revolutionaries, and he was forced to resign. The Sandinistas came to power.10 And at the very same time, the U.S. (along with the UK) was deeply involved in forcing the government of Ian Smith in Rhodesia out of power, and installing the government of Marxist maniac, Robert Mugabe, in 1980 – again, all in the name of “democracy”, of course.11 And thirty-one years later Mugabe the dictator holds on to power in Zimbabwe, the name of once-great Rhodesia, a country he has ruined completely. And in the years leading up to 1994, the U.S. and UK governments again did precisely the same thing to South Africa, pressurising the South African government to capitulate to radical Marxist revolutionaries who were swept to power (again, in the name of “democracy”) in 1994,12 have been in power ever since, and are reducing this once-mighty country to yet another failed African basket-case.

This is the track record of the United States in particular, and other liberal western governments in general, around the world, since the end of the Second World War; for leftist internationalists have controlled U.S. foreign policy since then. And yet once again, the world has fallen for the same old lies: that what is happening in the Middle East right now is a “democratic uprising”. It is merely the latest in a long line of western-sponsored revolutions, and it will culminate in precisely the same terrible results in the end.

Do you see the pattern that has emerged over these decades? It’s virtually the same each time: 1) There is a so-called “popular uprising”, supported by the Communists or Islamists. 2) The world media spreads propaganda condemning the targeted ruler as a tyrant, despot, etc. (in the Middle East, this is often true, but in Rhodesia and SA it was not). 3) The U.S. State Department, the CIA, and their allies in the UK and elsewhere work behind the scenes to bring down the government. 4) The ruler is forced out of power (by the U.S. and others) and the “democratic forces” (Communist or Islamic) sweep to power.

We are now witnessing the very same programme being followed in the present Middle East revolutions! They have not deviated from the script, for it has worked so well in the past. We witnessed, firstly, the so-called “popular uprising”; then, we saw the world media telling the world that it was a “democratic” protest against dictatorial rulers; next, evidence started emerging (and more will follow eventually) of U.S. government activity behind the scenes to bring down these governments. It has already emerged that the U.S. government had been working behind the scenes for three years with the revolutionary forces in Egypt to overthrow Mubarak – even while he was being publicly supported by the U.S.!13 Lastly, we saw rulers being forced from power, with their resignations being demanded by the U.S. and other countries.

This has again been shown in Libya, just as it was in Egypt: U.S. Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton explicitly stated that the goal of the air strikes against Libyan forces is to oust Gaddafi. She listed the goals as, “Number one: stop the violence, and number two:… the decision by Colonel Gaddafi to leave.”14 His “decision”? What nonsense! The U.S. aims to oust him from power by force. “There are precious few identifiable bases for American involvement in the Libyan civil war. Muammar Gaddafi is a brutal, repressive dictator, but how does his mistreatment of Libyans affect the vital interests of the United States, Americans’ lives, liberty, and property?

The Obama Administration has offered no such basis for intervention. He [Obama] is not acting to defend Americans’ interests, he is acting to assert America’s role as a global policeman and make himself the world’s officer in charge. He has assumed the extra-constitutional role of Guardian of the Libyan people. That role is not contemplated by the American constitution. It befits not a President of the United States but an Emperor…. Rather than make his case for war to Congress [which according to the U.S. constitution is given the exclusive power to declare war], President Obama made it to the United Nations [and the UN passed a resolution permitting him to do so]…. [He] viewed the assent of the United Nations, and not of the Congress of the United States, as both necessary and sufficient for the Chief Executive to go to war.

That sets a dangerous precedent… It presumes the authority of the U.N. Security Council is superior to that of the Congress of the United States in matters of war.”15

Incredible as it may seem to those who still naively think America is a land of freedom and a champion of conservatism, anti-Communism and anti-radicalism, it is actually supporting (by its actions in the Middle East) the radical Islamic elements – including al-Qaeda! – bent on taking over one Arab country after another! Incredible, yes…but true. Even Arab leaders have pointed this out.

After U.S. air strikes started against Gaddafi’s forces, a top official in the Palestinian Authority said it is widely understood in the Arab world that the military strikes against Gaddafi will aid the Libyan rebels, whose leadership is largely comprised of radical Islamist groups seeking power in that country. A member of the now-deposed government of Egyptian President Mubarak asked: “Doesn’t the Obama Administration understand Gaddafi is the one Arab leader who is fighting back against the Islamist revolt threatening his regime?”16 Oh, the Obama Administration knows it very well! – which is why it wants Gaddafi out.

The terrorist organisation of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, is backing the Libyan rebels. The Arab world knows it, and the Obama Administration knows it – but hushes it up. The Libyan rebel leader, Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, admitted that his fighters have links to al-Qaeda.17 An al- Qaeda leader of Libyan origin, Abu Yahya al-Libi, released a statement supporting the Libyan revolution, and Yusuf Qaradawi, a leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, issued a fatwa authorising Gaddafi’s military entourage to assassinate him. Gaddafi even asked President Obama in a letter: “If you had found them [al-Qaeda] taking over American cities by the force of arms, tell me what you would do?”18 It’s an excellent question, and whatever one may think of Gaddafi personally (and there is no doubt he is a tyrant and dictator), as the leader of Libya he has every right, nay every duty, to defend his country.

The very worst thing anyone can do is trust the liberal media. Nothing is as it seems…or as it is reported. We simply have to read between the lines when reading the daily papers or listening to the daily news. Do not be deceived! Always follow the money. And always remember: all roads lead to Rome. And to all true Christians: pray for your brethren in the Middle East. They are living through a most terrible time, in a part of the world where terrible times far outnumber the quiet times. Living for Christ in the Middle East is extremely difficult. Let us stand with them in prayer. For the Lord is sovereign over the puny affairs of man, and He is working out His purposes through all these things.

May 2011

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