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The following links will take you to videos of two talks I gave in Braehill Baptist Church on 24th and 25th May 2018. The preceding night a guest speaker had given a talk on “perilous times” and on the Sunday after my talks another guest speaker spoke on the coming ‘one-world religion’. In context, my two talks were very relevant as they certainly illustrate the “perilous times” we are living in and show how Rome is very much to the fore when it comes to ‘one-world religion’.

This is the link to my talk on ‘ECUMENISM’

NB When listing certain churches, I inadvertently referred to ‘Lisbellaw Baptist’ – I should have said ‘Lisbellaw Methodist’ whose minister at the time was a good friend, the late Tom Bodel.

This is the link to my talk on ‘THE PAPACY’

Cecil Andrews – ‘Take Heed’ Ministries – 11 June 2018

J I PACKER – ‘Double-Minded’ and ‘Unstable’



From time to time over many years now I have had occasion to issue warnings about the gospel-compromising actions and words of J I Packer who is regarded by many as a ‘stalwart’ proponent of Evangelicalism and the Reformed Faith position. 

These links will take you to items I have written about him

J I Packer and ‘Mother’ Teresa

News From The Front – March 2000

(Scroll down to article on Charles Colson & J I Packer)

News From The Front – March 1999

(Scroll down to article on ‘Papal Poison’)

News From The Front – June 1999

(Scroll quite far to the article on ‘Ravening Wolves’)

Perhaps the greatest ‘shock waves were felt when he endorsed the 1994 “Evangelicals and Catholics Together: The Christian Mission for the Third Millennium” document. Not only did he endorse it but when challenged as to how he could have come to endorse it he wrote a defence of what he had done. My own assessment was that Mr Packer had totally betrayed what he claimed to believe about core matters such as ‘justification’. There is a good assessment of this matter and Mr Packer’s role in it by Iain Murray and you can view it on

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It goes without question that NICKY GUMBEL is the face and the voice of The ALPHA Course and I have written about him and it on a number of times in the past. This is the time of year when many churches are launching ALPHA courses and so I want to reproduce here a helpful article that details the close ecumenical and unscriptural links that NICKY GUMBEL has with the Roman Catholic religion. The article was the lead article in the British Church Newspaper of 4 September 2015 (No. 313) and it is reproduced here with kind permission of both the author and the paper.

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Maynooth Community Church: Promoting the Jesuit Cause.

The web site of Maynooth Community Church is located on  

From their ‘How we got started’ section we learn the following –

‘MCC first began in September 2002 when a little group of nine people started meeting together to pray and study the bible here in Maynooth… A few years later, with the help of the wider Presbyterian church, the opportunity to try something new arose and it seemed that Maynooth was the obvious place for both of these hopes to be realised. Keith (McCrory) left his job as a Youth Development Officer to lead the team and as a first step we decided to start a new home group in the town and see what happened. When this group had grown in size to around 20 we then began to hold monthly services in the Post-Primary School on the Moyglare Rd in February 2003.  Since more people were coming along the decision was then taken to move to weekly services. It was thus in the autumn of that year that ‘Maynooth Community Church’ was officially launched, our first weekly service being on Sunday 7th September 2003. 

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News From The Front – December 2010

Dear praying friends,

It’s Tuesday 9th November 2010 and as I sit at the computer with an open document in front of me, the reality that this will be the last edition of “News From The Front’ that I write is only now beginning to fully impact upon me. Back on 31st October 1989 I resigned from secular employment fully convinced that the Lord wished me to serve Him in a full-time capacity. Having waited on the Lord for His leading I formed ‘Take Heed’ Ministries on 1st September 1990 and the following September (1991) I issued the first 3-page letter edition of “News From The Front”. Many who received that first issue have faithfully remained with ‘Take Heed’ over the ensuing years and of course others have in the will of the Lord gone on to their eternal reward. The faithful encouragement and support by recipients of the newsletter has been immeasurable and also a great confirmation of the Lord’s will where ‘Take Heed’ was concerned – to all I say a humble and sincere ‘thank you’. It has been ‘quite a journey’ ministering in many wonderful places, meeting welcoming brothers and sisters in Christ, hosting ministry visits by a wide range of gifted Christians and personally addressing and exposing the many deceptions and errors that have assailed true Christendom over those years. I had considered listing some of the issues tackled, outreaches undertaken and appeals made and met for various needs but I have decided against that – I simply want to say that without the faithful prayers and sacrificial giving of so many over the years, who were moved by a desire to honour our God and Saviour, these various ventures would never have got off the ground.

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