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A recent edition of the BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise’ contained a short feature on the famous authoress Beatrix Potter and what caught my attention was the reference made to the fact that she was a UNITARIAN. A few days prior to the broadcast marked the 150th anniversary of the birth of Beatrix Potter and helpful information can be found on this article

This is a religious grouping that I have rarely made mention of in my writings and so this article seeks to address that ‘omission’.

Whilst there are some officially designated ‘Unitarian’ churches in Ireland, here in Northern Ireland another group of churches that would closely ‘fit the description’ of UNITARIAN would be those of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church (One of these churches – ‘All Souls’ in Elmwood Avenue in Belfast regularly hosts a ‘service’ for the LGBT community on the day after their ‘Pride Parade’ through Belfast – details for 2016 can be seen on

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